Vanessa Amorosi promises to bring drama (and a few other things) to the stage of Eurovision - Australia Decides with the powerful 'Lessons Of Love'.
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8 Feb 2020 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 8 Feb 2020 - 2:09 PM

Which act will Australia send to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam? Australia, it's time to decide!

What made you want to step up for Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020? 
"Well, I've always watched Eurovision and I work with a lot of European writers and have done so over the last 20 years. I think it's mainly been the vehicle - writing the song - that really triggered it for me. I worked with two of my dear friends, Trevor Muzzy and Aleena Gibson, on this track. Literally when we got to the chorus, we kind of all looked at each other and Aleena, who's Swedish, was like, 'Oh my God, this is a Eurovision song'. And then from that moment it always kind of stuck with me every time I would play the track. As we were going down producing it more and more and putting it on the record, I was like, 'I really should find out what's happening and enter'.

Tell us about the song, the ideas behind 'Lessons Of Love'
"It's all about learning from experience; experiences that teach you about what it is that you're passionate about, in love with, whatever. It doesn't even have to be a relationship, but learning from those as a stepping stone and growing. I find it very empowering to sing, and I feel like even without the lyrics, it has that feeling of overcoming something, and being stronger for it.

Can you give us some hints about the staging, and how you'll perform the song? It's Eurovision, after all...
"It's very dramatic. Everything's dramatic about it. The performance will be dramatic. The set will be dramatic. The outfit will be dramatic. I'm hoping it leaves people feeling something. Fingers crossed we pull it off and everything runs 100% smoothly...

If Australia decides that it's you on Saturday night, what would representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest mean to you?
"It would be incredible. It would be really incredible.

"The experience so far has been so much fun and I've loved the fact that I get to be with other artists, especially Casey, I love her. So now I get to hang with artists and then on top of that, the team that I'm working with is incredible. I mean, I come up with an idea, and everybody's ready to try and run with that and try and make that work. And it's not often as a performer that I get to do a show where we get to be super creative and artistic and we can deliver that. I'm already happy.

You mentioned like you've always watched Eurovision, what are some of the years or performances that made their mark upon you?
Last year watching Kate [Miller-Heidke] was incredible, really incredible and she absolutely shashed the vocals. I love the fact that it was operatic and it was different, and the song was so artistic and that really lit a flame for me, to watch that. There's also been some other really great performances; there was 'Heroes' [Mans Zermelow, 2015 winner, and 2020 Eurovision - Australia Decides guest and jury member]. I feel like the lighting and the technology is just epic. I'm enjoying watching other artists and their epic performances. 

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