Think you know Bella? Not so fast, Junior Eurovision fans. Not so fast.
Genevieve Dwyer

11 Nov 2015 - 5:18 PM  UPDATED 12 Nov 2015 - 12:44 PM

Australia’s been honoured by the European Broadcasting Union for the second time this year with an entrant in the Junior Eurovision song contest for the very first time.

The shining star we’re sending to represent us is none other than 14-year-old Bella Paige, who came second in the last season of The Voice Kids Australia.

Here’s some stuff you might not know about this upcoming superstar…


She’s been singing since she was SIX


Performing isn’t new to this young singer. On The Voice Kids Australia Bella’s mum described her as a “walking iPod” because of her encyclopedic knowledge of a huge array of songs. She was winning talent contests way before her appearance on that show at age 12 though.

She even won a kid’s karaoke contest on Nine’s Mornings at the age of nine. Song contest? She’s got this!


She’s got some formidable home town support

Hailing from Hoppers Crossing in the outer-west of Melbourne, Bella’s been getting plenty of support from locals cheering her on. Her school Westbourne Grammar has gotten behind her, along with plenty of local businesses who can’t wait to see one of their local girls compete on such a huge international stage.


She was the first child EVER to audition for The Voice Kids Australia

So you probably know she was on this talent show but did you remember she totally broke the ice for all the other kids? She boldly went first and had all the judges turning their seats within moments. Relive the moment below:

Bella is clearly not scared of unchartered waters and going boldly where no kid has gone before – which will come in handy as the first ever Aussie entrant on the international stage of Junior Eurovision.


She’s been a Eurovision fan since way back

Bella’s family is of Macedonian descent and like so many other Australians with European backgrounds, they feel a strong connection to Eurovision and watching it has been an annual family tradition.

"Me and my family have watched it for years - watched Jess Mauboy, Guy Sebastian performing,” Bella said.

Bella’s number one fan, her mum Tanya, has been a lifelong Eurovision enthusiast too. She says she’s quite overwhelmed at the prospect of her daughter performing before a television audience of 100 million viewers.

"That's a lot - yes the world is huge and it's bringing everyone together and music brings everyone together - that's scary though!"


She’s got the support of Australia’s very own diva Delta Goodrem

The song that Bella will be performing, "My Girls" was co-written by Delta and was originally written for Delta’s fifth studio album.

“I love the song so much. It was co-written with Delta Goodrem. I love Delta!” Bella told the Today Show.

Delta told Eurovision: "I'm so proud to be able to share this special song with Bella for Junior Eurovision. Bella has a phenomenal voice and so much confidence on stage, and I know she is absolutely going to wow Europe with her performance".


She’s got the European entrants worried

The hugely popular Eurovision-dedicated blog WiwiBloggs reviewed Bella’s entry song “My Girls” and loved it so much they went as far as to name it “the best song in the contest this year”.

If the other contenders aren’t worried yet, they should be! Bella’s gonna kick butt! 


She’s got BIG aspirations for the future too

“Oh, I’ve always wanted to be an international recording artist,” Bella told the Today Show recently when asked where she sees herself headed after school.

“I just want to follow my dream so this is a great start.”

Sure is Bella! Now that she’s going to be seen on an international stage in front of an audience of millions there’s no doubt this is one talented girl who’s headed straight to the top.


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