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We invited guests from the creative world to 'takeover' SBS Chill for an hour. This is a playlist of music selected by German electronic/chill producer Der Waldläufer.
SBS Chill

25 Oct 2019 - 9:02 AM  UPDATED 29 Oct 2019 - 9:10 AM

Who: Der Waldläufer (German chill/electronic producer)


Songs Played:


Peace (the calling) by Der Waldläufer

Dayvan Cowbow by Boards of Canada

Through Endless Icy Waters (feat. Vonoom) by Lauge

Interloper by Carbon Based Lifeforms

North Cormorant Obscurity by Rykard\

Sunburst by All India Radio

Sealed Air by Ghosts of Paraguay

Ciel ouvert by Der Waldläufer

Anomaly by Lights & Motion

Wilderness by Philip G Anderson

Stella Solaris by Der Waldläufer

You're the One That I Need by Jellis

Maaloey by Braak

Flores by Der Waldläufer

Dawn by Niklas Paschburg

How to listen to 'The Takeover' on SBS Chill
We invited a few guests from the creative world to 'takeover' SBS Chill for an hour every Thursday at 7pm. Find out how you can tune in.