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Selected across five age categories, the winning entries were chosen based on their creative approach and unique stories.
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8 Nov 2019 - 2:25 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2019 - 3:14 PM

Category A

Hana Laan (Age 4-7, Filipino)

Dahil nag-aaral ako ng Filipino, nagkakaintindihan kami nina Lolo, Lola at Tito Justine. Napaparamdam ko na mahal ko sila kahit nasa Pilipinas sila. Napapasaya ko rin sila.

Because I’m learning Filipino, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Justine, and I can understand each other. I’m able to make them feel loved even though they’re in the Philippines. I’m also able to make them happy.


Category B

Adam Wahby (Age 8-12, Arabic)

تعلم لغة تربط الزمان ، والان ، و الآتي

Learning a language connects the past to the present and future.


Category C

Felicity Nop (Age 13-15, French)


Pour apprendre une langue, c’est un truc difficile. Je suis une fille multiculturelle – je suis d’Australie, mes parents sont de Cambodge, et en plus, mon père a habité en France pendant beaucoup d’années – mais, je n’ai trouvé pas encore ma place dans société. Je suis asiatique, mais pas assez pour mes amis asiatiques. Je suis australienne, mais pas assez pour mes amis avec la peau claire. Mon identité est un mystère pour moi. Mais, malgré tout mon doute, je suis très heureuse quand je parle français, donc, la langue de ma famille – le français – est un grand pièce pour moi.

To learn a language is a difficult thing. I am a multicultural girl – I was born in Australia, my parents were born in Cambodia, and also, my dad lived in France for many years – but, I still have not found my place in society. I am asian, but not enough for my asian friends. I am Australian, but not enough for my light-skinned friends. My identity is a mystery for me. But, despite all my doubt, I am very happy when I speak French, so, the language of my family – French – is a big part of me.


Category D

Nehal Nafcy (Age 16-18, Bangla)


ভাষার মাধ্যমে আমি পৃথিবীকে দেখেছি নানা বর্ণে নানা রুপে আত্মার বন্ধনে মানুষেরই প্রয়োজনে। পৃথিবী প্রতিবিম্বিত হয়েছে ভাব প্রকাশে, মানবসভ্যতার বিকাশে, মানবজাতির ঐতিহ্য, ইতিহাস ও সংস্কৃতিতে।

ভাষা আমাকে শিখিয়েছে সৌজন্যবোধ, নৈতিকতা, চিন্তাভাবনা, জীবনদর্শন, অনুভব, শিক্ষাদীক্ষা, সুন্দরতা, অসাম্প্রদায়িকতা, মানবতা। যে পৃথিবীকে আমরা একটিমাত্র দেশ বলে মনে না করে খণ্ড খণ্ড ভাগ করি, সেই বিছিন্ন ভৌগলিক সীমারেখাকে এক পৃথিবী রূপে চিনতে শিখিয়েছে ভাষা। আত্মীয়তা পাতানোর মন্ত্র শিখে আমি হয়ে ওঠেছি মহাবিশ্বের অংশীদার।

ভাষার মাধ্যমেই আমি প্রতিকূলতাকে জয় করে মানবতার বন্ধনে আবদ্ধ হয়েছি, শিখেছি সৃষ্টির মাঝে সম্পর্ক উন্নয়নে মানবজাতির কল্যানে আত্মমর্যাদাশীল হতে। পৃথিবীকে জানার সুখ আমার ধমনীতে জাগায় আশ্চর্য প্রবাহ, অনুভুতি ‘এলেম নতুন দেশে’।


Through the language, I have seen the world in diverse ways, in the need of human beings to make bonding with the soul. The world is reflected to me in such an expression in the development of human civilization, in the traditions, history and culture of mankind.

Language has taught me generosity, morality, rationality, philosophy of life, feelings, education, exquisiteness, non-discrimination, humanity. Languages teaches me to recognize our world within only one single boundary rather than dividing into various fragments and isolating world by geographical boundaries, that we do without thinking of it as a single realm. I become part of this universe by learning the hymn of kinship.

It is through language that I conquer adversity of life and have learned how to become well-connected with humanity, how to become self-respectful to the welfare of humankind by developing relationships between world creations. Such joys of knowing the world awakens wonderful stream and feelings in my artery "discovering one more new country".


Category E

Lidia Veljanovski (Age 18+, Macedonian)


Sakum! Sakum! Sakum!
Da te razbirum.
Shto mi velish Babo?
Da go na oochum.
Nema da te svaykum,
Ako ne oochum,
Zborvash Makedonsko,
Ama glava ya nishum.
"Nemoy Babo! Zborvay mi po Engleski!"
Oti yas ne ke znam,
Shto mi barashi ti?!
Ama sega pochnav
Da ce na oochum,
Makedonsko yazik,
So Baba ke zborvam!


I'd really! Really! Really!
Like to understand.
What you're saying Grandma?!
And what you're telling me?!
I'll never get to knowing,
If I never learn.
You speak in Macedonian,
But I don't have a clue?!
I say, "Please speak in English!"
Since this is all I knew.
But since I have been learning,
I can better understand
When I talk to Grandma,
I speak Macedonian!