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As the world rapidly changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are having to adjust to new ways of working. If you’re new to working from home, establishing a space where you enjoy working every day can be difficult.
SBS Chill

2 Apr 2020 - 10:49 AM  UPDATED 2 Apr 2020 - 12:45 PM

Here’s some tips for lifting the vibe of your home office and making it somewhere you like being every day! 

Play some music

Nothing lifts the mood like good music. If you’re alone, it’ll help drown out the silence and if you’re sharing a space, you can put some headphones on and get into the zone. Why not switch on SBS Chill, it’ll put you at ease without distracting you from whatever you’re working on. 

Decorate your space 

You’re going to be using this space for at least seven hours a day if you’re working a full-time job from home, so it should feel cosy. Compared to an office where there might be some restrictions, at home you can do what you like! Consider keeping a small desk plant to bring some life to your workspace, or just surround yourself with things you love, whether that’s photos, knick-knacks or just perfectly arranged stationery. Creating a calm, joyful space will lift your mood each time you sit down to work. 

Change it up

It can get boring sitting at a desk all day. Is there a way you can change your arrangement into a standing desk for an hour a day? Or can you take your laptop into the backyard or onto the balcony to get some fresh air and sunshine? The small hassle of moving your set-up could give you a big reward by changing your entire mood. 

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Working from home is a lifestyle for some but for many it will be a new experience brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with social distancing, it’s a tough adjustment if you get a lot of enjoyment and energy from being out and about.

Theme your days 

Working from home can make you a bit lazy when it comes to putting effort into your appearance. It’s just easier to roll out of bed and throw on whichever pair of pants are nearby, right? Try giving yourself some routine by theming your days - if you work in a team, get everyone involved in regular video meetings. It could be dressing in a particular colour, going with Fancy Dress Fridays or Throwback Thursdays.  


Smell is a powerful sense, and it can affect your productivity and anxiety levels. Try lighting a candle with a calming scent, or spritzing the space with a revitalising deodoriser to make things feel fresh when you’re tired. 

All it takes is some small adjustments to bring some positive vibes to your working from home situation. Turn on SBS Chill, get yourself in a comfy (but always ergonomic) chair, and get that work done! 

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