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Check out all the tracks from this weeks Soundtrack Sessions and find out what films or TV series they come from.
25 Mar 2021 - 8:00 AM  UPDATED 26 Mar 2021 - 7:52 AM

There is no better place to indulge in the sonic soundscapes of world cinema and tv than SBS Chill and Soundtrack Sessions.

Soundtrack Sessions is a 1 hour weekly program airing each Friday at 8pm aest on SBS Chill.

Find the tracks that are featured in this weeks program below.

Top new series in March + two guests curate new collections
This month, we welcome Nordic Noir, celebrate Mardi Gras and rise up with the people. We also have two guest curators presenting collections of excellent shows now streaming at SBS On Demand. Let’s March on!

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Playlist - March 26

Title : 8 Ball

Artist: Underworld

Film/ TV Series: The Beach (Film)

 Title: Sans pere (ce qui nous lie)

Artist: Kraked Unit

Film/ TV Series: Back to Burgundy (Film)

Title: Shadowplay (feat. Lily Oakes)

Artist: Nathaniel Mechaly and Lily Oakes

Film/ TV Series: Shadowplay (Television Series)**

Title: September Song

Artist: Agnes Obel

Film/ TV Series: Big Little Lies (Television Series)

Title: Vision

Artist: Paolo Buonvino

Film/ TV Series: Medici (Television Series)**

Title: To The Cave

Artist: Maurice Jarre & Peter Weir

Film/ TV Series: Dead Poets Society (Film)

Title: Circles

Artist: Dickon Hinchliffe

Film/ TV Series: Locke (Film)

Title: Lo Boob Oscillator 

Artist: Stereolab

Film/ TV Series: High Fidelity (Film)

Title: Playground Love

Artist: Air

Film/ TV Series: The Virgin Suicides (Film)

Title: Meeting Floki

Artist: Trevor Morris

Film/ TV Series: Vikings (Television Series)**

Title: Falling

Artist: Julee Cruise

Film/ TV Series: Twin Peaks (Television Series)

Title: Area Codes

Artist: Daniel Pemberton

Film/ TV Series: Molly's Game (Film)**

Title: Doors and Distance

Artist: Antonio Sanchez

Film/ TV Series: Birdman (Film)

Title: La petite fille de la mer

Artist: Vangelis

Film/ TV Series: L'apocalypse des animaux (Film)

Title: Don't Tell Sarah

Artist: Andy Hull and Robert McDowell

Film/ TV Series: Swiss Army Man (Film)**

 Title: Lebanese Blonde

 Artist: Thievery Corporation

 Film/ TV Series: Garden State (Film)



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Check out all the tracks from this weeks Soundtrack Sessions and find out what films or TV series they come from.