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SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2, SBS Arabic24, SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia and SBS PopDesi are available on digital television, Foxtel and VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television).
SBS Radio

3 Apr 2014 - 4:41 PM  UPDATED 6 Aug 2021 - 9:59 AM

SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2, SBS Radio 3, SBS Arabic24, SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia and SBS PopDesi are available as channels on free digital television, VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) and Foxtel.

See the SBS program guide here.

Freeview digital TV

Generally the five radio signals are automatically scanned in on your TV. The channel numbers for our radio services are as follows:

Service Name

Channel number (Ch)

SBS Radio 1

Ch 37 & 301

SBS Radio 2

Ch 38 & 302

SBS Radio 3

Ch 303

SBS Arabic24

Ch 36 & 304

SBS PopDesi

Ch 305

SBS Chill

Ch 39 & 306

SBS PopAsia

Ch 307


If you cannot access these stations, you may need to retune your digital TV.

How to do Auto Tuning on your TV?

Use the Menu or Home button on remote control.

Look for Channel search or Settings then hit Auto scan or Auto retune.

The TV should start searching for new channels. 


VAST is the new satellite platform that supplies free-to-air TV around Australia. If you are currently using the Aurora service, live in a regional or remote area, watch TV from a self-help transmission tower, or have poor analog TV reception, you may be eligible for VAST. For more information on VAST, visit

FOXTEL subscription television

SBS Radio channels are also available live on Foxtel.

Listen to SBS Radio 1 on Foxtel channel 867, SBS Radio 2 on Foxtel Channel 868,  tune to SBS Radio 3 on Foxtel channel 869.

SBS Arabic24 is 24/7 Digital TV

SBS Arabic24, Australia’s number one digital radio channel and online hub for Arabic-speaking Australians, is live on channel 36 on free-to-air digital television. View the schedule here.