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SBS Radio on your mobile

SBS Radio on your mobile

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SBS Radio App gives you easy access to all SBS podcasts and live radio stations including SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia, and SBS Radio 1 and 2 with news in over 60 languages.


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What can I do with the SBS Radio app?


You can listen to live radio and podcasts, choose what languages you’d like to follow, and subscribe to your favourite shows so you never miss out. You can also follow our Facebook pages and share your favourite content with friends on Facebook or Twitter. 



Which SBS Radio stations are on the app?


You can listen to SBS Radio One, SBS Radio Two, SBS Arabic24, SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia and SBS PopDesi.



How can I install the app?


The Android version of the SBS Radio App can be downloaded from Google Play.


The iPhone version of the SBS Radio App can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store.



 Which devices can I install the SBS Radio app on?


The SBS Radio App works best on mobile devices. The operating systems that the app has been designed for are:


Apple: the iOS SBS Radio app supports devices running iOS8 and above. This includes iPhone 4s or ​higher. iPhone 3GS and 4 are not supported.


Android: The ​Android SBS Radio app has been designed for phones running Android 4.0.x and higher.



Can I install the SBS Radio app on my tablet?


You can install the app on a tablet however please note that it’s been designed specifically to work on mobiles so it may look a little different and may not provide the same great experience. 




Using the app



Can I listen to live radio on the SBS Radio app? 


Yes, you can listen live at any time to our radio stations including SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia, SBS PopDesi, SBS Arabic24, SBS Radio 1 and SBS Radio 2.



How do I find the show or station I want to listen to?


Click into the “Radio” section of the app. 



How do I listen to what is currently playing on radio?


Tap into the “Radio” section and browse what’s currently playing across our radio stations by tapping on the Radio channel tabs at the top. Once you’ve made your decision, tap the play button to start listening live. 



How do I find out what is coming up on my favourite station?


Tap into the “Radio” tab and swipe left or right to find your favourite station. Once you’ve found it, tap on "see schedule” or the option menu on the top right and tap into “see full schedule”. 



How do I found out what song played?


Tap into the “Radio” tab and swipe left or right to find your favourite station. Then tap on "see full list”. 



Can I use the SBS Radio app to catch up on shows I missed?


Absolutely! The app allows you to subscribe to all the latest SBS Radio podcasts. You can also save single episodes to enjoy again at any time.



How do I subscribe to my favourite programs?


Tap “Follow” on any podcast or program page. Then you are subscribed. You can control your notifications under Settings. Go to the “My Audio” section of the app to view and manage the programs and podcasts that you have followed.



How do I find my downloads?


Click into the “Radio” section of the app. 



Why do catch-up episodes disappear after 7 days?


SBS has the legal rights to make some content available for a specified timeframe only. Catch-up episodes are not available after 7 days, when SBS’s rights expire. 



How much data will the SBS Radio app use?


Audio streaming of live radio uses about 28Mb per hour. A 60-minute podcast will use between 40Mb to 80Mb depending on the quality of the recording. 


We recommend using WiFi where possible to help keep data usage costs down. You are responsible for data transfer and consumption charges incurred when using the SBS Radio app. SBS is not responsible or liable for data usage charges. 



Can I listen if I am outside Australia?


You will be able to listen to most SBS live radio and podcasts anywhere in the world.



Can I keep listening if I close the app and use another app?


Yes, the app will continue playing when you close it and when you use other apps. However, it will stop if you start playing audio on a different app.



Can I share shows and podcasts on the app with friends?


The programs, audio tracks, catch-up plays and songs can be shared from social media by clicking on the “More” button on these pages, and then clicking on the share icon.  



How do I change language labels?


The SBS Radio app follows your device settings for language preferences. If you change your device language, or set a preferred order, the app will use the first language in that order. Or, if you only wish to show English labels, find the ‘English Only’ option in the Settings screen. It will be off by default. 



I noticed an issue. How do I bring it to your attention?



If you find a bug let us know via email:



How can I listen to sport?


The SBS World Game app is available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.








Why does the app sometimes stutter, rewind or drop out?


We continually monitor the live radio streams to solve any issues as quickly as possible. Issues are typically due to congestion on the mobile network. If the problem is caused by congestion, then we encourage you to try listening again later. 


We want to hear from you if you have problems, particularly if you can't play a station, so please send us an email with all the relevant details and screenshots. 



What can I do when the app rewinds or stops playing?


While problems playing live streaming radio or podcasts are generally due to network issues, the following can sometimes help:


    • Close and relaunch the SBS Radio app
    • Close other apps on your phone
    • Restart your WiFi router (if you're connected to WiFi)
    • Toggle “airplane mode” on and off (this will help reset your mobile network without having to restart your phone)
    • Restart your phone



I’d like to provide feedback directly to a program, how can I contact them?


To contact a specific program:


  • Find the program you want under Radio or Podcast and tap on it.

  • Tap the three dots

  • You’ll find a “Contact program” button, tap this to send an email from your mobile.


Or follow the program’s Facebook page and send them a message using Messenger.



More ways to listen

More ways to listen

SBS Radio is also available on other platforms.

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