FFA has no right to appoint Postecoglou successor, claims Griffin

On the day that FFA lost coach Ange Postecoglou, they also lost the legitimacy to select a successor to lead Australia into battle at the 2018 World Cup.

David Gallop

Chief Executive of Football Federation Australia David Gallop Source: AFP

That's the view of Adelaide United chief Greg Griffin, speaking on behalf of the Australian Professional Football Clubs Association.

The APFCA, which represents the 10 A-League bosses, believes that FFA has been relegated to a "caretaker" role ahead of likely intervention from FIFA to take over the running of the sport in Australia as the governance crisis gripping the game comes to a head.

If Thursday week's annual general meeting between the FFA and its stakeholders in Sydney fails to deliver across the board agreement over an expanded Congress, FIFA is expected to step in and sack the FFA board and install a normalisation committee.

According to Griffin, FFA have been reduced to lame duck status bereft of a clear mandate to make any major decisions or appointments amid the uncertainty over its own future.

"The intractable position taken by the board in pushing through resolutions to which all parts of the professional game are totally opposed, and the largest state federations are refusing to support, leads to the inevitable conclusion of the appointment by FIFA of a normalisation committee," he told The World Game.

"On that basis FFA should remember they are in effect in caretaker mode and they should not be making decisions that have an impact on the game going forward until the position of FIFA is made known.

"They should not be rushing to appoint a favoured person in this process.

"It would be wrong on almost every front. Because of the political system that they have created, they can't now pursue appointments which may impact upon a new board going forward."

FIFA will act if it is unsatisfied by the required reform measures offered up by FFA next Thursday, leaving a new board with the task of sourcing a replacement for Postecoglou.

FFA CEO David Gallop was resigned to losing Postecoglou even before Tuesday's final talks between the pair precipitated confirmation of his departure at Wednesday morning's press conference.

It's understood there was no meaningful dialogue from either party over what it would take for Postecoglou to stay on at the meeting.

Instead, talks centered around the size of Postecoglou's severance package, which included a $400,000 bonus for qualifying for Russia 2018.

Postecoglou's departure has thrown up a slew of potential successors, with the Australian contingent including Graham Arnold, Tony Popovic, Kevin Muscat and Ante Milicic.

With a budget limited to little over $1 million, FFA are unlikely to attract anybody of the calibre of Carlo Anceloti, though leading a team at the World Cup will doubtless hold an allure for a number of well credentialed coaches from across the globe.

With Australia not in action again until a FIFA friendly date in March, Gallop - making the assumption he will still be in a position to make an appointment - is in no mad rush.

"We do have a bit of time,” he said on Wednesday.

"It’s important we take that time to look at what’s out there.

"There’s enormous advantages in having an Australian in this position: a deep interest in the A-League, deep interest in the junior national teams and the pathways, an understanding of football’s place in the Australian landscape.

"All of that is important. But it doesn’t guarantee we can appoint an Australian.

"So we’ll take our time and make sure we get the right person for the job.”

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Published 22 November 2017 at 5:25pm
By Dave Lewis