Five minutes with: Melbourne Victory defender Daniel Georgievski

The victory fullback is preparing to say goodbye to his teammates after the grand final and head off to the Newcastle Jets next season.

Daniel Georgievski

Daniel Georgievski Source: Getty Images

Daniel Georgievski has had a ball as a professional footballer and at 29 it's not over yet. Plus, he has a huge year coming up in his personal life.

TWG: I understand you're engaged. When are you getting married?

DG: My fiancee, Emily, and I are just in the process of finalising a date in June next year. She's Macedonian, like me. We were thinking of doing it in the coming off-season, but a lot of things were happening in the last couple of months which made it difficult to arrange in time.

TWG: How did you meet?

DG: A few friends of mine in Melbourne said 'we've got a Macedonian girl for you to meet'. I said 'come on, don't give me that', but she ended up being the one. I came back to Australia to fix up my personal life (laughs). If not, I'd still be running wild in Europe.

TWG: You're in the middle of a massive week. How does it feel, preparing for your last game with Victory?

DG: Of course I'm going to miss the boys, but I've made a decision to join another club so I'm really embracing the week and aiming to go out with a bang. It's pretty hectic, full-on, but at the same time it's enjoyable. It's a happy time for me, because I've got this one last chance to play with my mates in a big game. It might be emotional for me afterwards, but not right now - I'm just looking forward to playing.

TWG: Can you stop Sydney FC from putting an exclamation mark on a sensational season?

DG: Of course, anything can happen. Sydney have had an amazing season, but In Australia the team that wins the grand final are the champions, so it comes down to this 90 minutes, or 120 minutes, or whatever it takes. It's one game and if you win you can say you're the best of the best.

TWG: That's the point, isn't it. Regardless of how well the opposition may have done up until this point, if you win on Sunday you can call yourselves champions because that's how it's done here.

DG: Even though I'm from Australia it took me a long time to understand that, because I played for so long in Europe, but, yeah, that's how it is here. You can win every game you play up until now, but if you don't win on Sunday you're not considered champions. That's how it is and you can't go away from that and that's why we're looking forward to Sunday.

TWG: You've gone from Blacktown to Croatia, to Romania, to Melbourne and now you're headed to Newcastle. You're living the genuine footballer's life, aren't you?

DG: Yeah, not bad, and now I've got someone to come along and enjoy the adventure with me. I've always considered it an adventure. Unfortunately it's an adventure that eventually has to come to a halt when your body says 'no more', but I've lived the football life to its fullest and I want to keep doing that until I can't any longer.

TWG: So why the Newcastle Jets? How did it work out that way?

DG: It just happened, I guess. They talked to me and my agent over a couple of weeks and it sounded right for me. I felt a good connection and I liked the idea of a new challenge, building a team. I think Newcastle can be a big team, they've just got to get there and I thought I wouldn't mind being part of that process and having a new challenge. I got a good feeling about it and when I get a good feeling I go with it.

TWG: There are some world-class beaches for you to enjoy in Newcastle - a bit different to Melbourne!

DG: I lived on the beach in Croatia for two years and I know how that lifestyle is, more laidback, more chilled, and that's good. I might even learn to surf. I tried once before and the board broke when it hit me in the head. Maybe a boogie board this time.

TWG: You're a well-balanced, easygoing sort of bloke. Probably the right way to be to handle the ups and downs of football, do you think?

DG: Yeah, I've changed my ways over the years, through experience. I was a bit too serious and I sometimes didn't perform because I put too much pressure on myself, but I've found the right balance for me. I'm professional, but at the same time I'm having fun and enjoying it, which is what football's all about.

TWG: What are the things you still want to do in life?

DG: Football-wise, winning on Sunday is obviously the short-term goal. Then, at Newcastle, getting to the top six, the top four, and winning it. Anything's possible in life. I'd like to own a cafe, it's something I've always had passion for, but four or five years down the track who knows where my interests will lie? Things change in life. I keep my options open and embrace it. I'm going to do my first coaching course in the off-season. Personally, next year Emily and I have the wedding and I'm sure we wouldn't mind popping out a little Georgievski or two after that.

TWG: What's the best place you've been in the world?

DG: Everywhere I've been I've had good stories come out of it, but home is great as well. I really don't have one favourite place in the world. The answer now is wherever my fiancee is, I'm most happy.

TWG: If you could make one dream come true, what would it be?

DG: The big dream I had in football was to play in the (UEFA) Champions League and I did that. Obviously it's a dream to win a championship as well and I've done that three times, here and overseas. The next dream is to win on Sunday.

TWG: Finally, how will you celebrate if Victory win?

DG: Same as I did two years ago, by not remembering a bloody thing! You know what that means (laughs). It was a big celebration. To win in Sydney, in front of all my family and friends, but being the away team and the underdog, might be an even better feeling.

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Published 4 May 2017 at 2:07pm
By Greg Prichard