Five minutes with: Sydney FC captain Alex Brosque

Sydney FC star striker Alex Brosque lets The World Game in on his movie, TV and musical tastes, gives his thoughts on the US presidential election and reveals what convinced him to grow that beard.

Alex Brosque

Sydney FC's Alex Brosque should be given a Socceroos recall according to some of his club team mates. Source: Getty Images

TWG: If you were eligible to vote in the US election, who would you vote for and why?

AB: Pretty easy question, I think. If you've got any sense about you, you would definitely go Clinton. I saw some of the last debate and if we're being honest Trump is all about himself, he's a bit of a clown, and to see him running a country like America - you wouldn't want to leave it in his hands.

TWG: What's the story behind that luxurious beard of yours, if there is a story, or did you just wake up one day and think 'I wouldn't mind growing a beard'?

AB: I've got a mate who has got a nice, long beard and we're always complimenting him on how good it is and how he's always got it well-groomed. He pumped me up to grow one myself and one day I decided I would, back in early July. It was a few weeks of the missus not liking it, the kids not liking it and just about everybody else not liking it, but I think I've turned them all around, they're all fans now - 'Arnie' (Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold) as well. He took some convincing, but we've started the season so well it's not going anywhere for a while.

TWG: Is he one of those coaches who thinks bearded strikers don't score goals?

AB: Well, he was on Shane Smeltz's back last year and in the end 'Smeltzy' succumbed to the pressure and got rid of it, and he was on my back all pre-season about getting rid of it, but I told him I'd see how the season started and if it wasn't good I'd get rid of it, but we started well, so I think he's happy for me to keep it now.

TWG: What about your TV and movie viewing habits? Are you a comedy man, or a drama man, are you into The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette, The Block maybe, news, sport? What do you like?

AB: I like a good comedy movie over any other genre. I enjoy the ones Will Ferrell does, Step Brothers, that sort of thing. Kevin Hart's movies crack me up as well. All those silly ones that blokes tend to like. They're not ones you can watch with your missus because they won't understand most of the jokes, it's just silly stuff that guys get. I don't mind the Superhero genre as well, all the Marvel and DC stuff coming out these days. On TV, if I had to pick between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette I'd say The Bachelor, and I watch The Block as well, because my missus enjoys that.

TWG: What about music? Where do you want front-row seats - Bruce Springsteen, U2, Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, none of the above?

AB: Probably Calvin Harris, the DJ. It's dance music, electronic music, that sort of genre. I went to one of his shows in Las Vegas with my brother and a couple of mates and he was fantastic.

TWG: Finally, it appears you've put that hamstring injury behind you now and you've made a great start to the season. You don't have any retirement plans in mind, do you?

AB: No, not in the near future. It was a big surgery that I had and coming back from something like that is always a worry and puts a bit of doubt in your mind, but the physio and conditioning staff here have got me to a really good place. I'm not completely out of the woods yet... but for now it's looking good and retirement is quite far from my mind at the moment. If I can play out a full season, as opposed to last season, then I'd love to stick around for as long as possible beyond that.

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3 min read
Published 27 October 2016 at 5:01pm
By Greg Prichard