Fozz on Socceroos: ‘We've gone backwards’

The Socceroos have gone back to square one in the lead up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup according to SBS Chief Football analyst Craig Foster.


Socceroos star Tom Rogic reacts after the loss to Norway Source: Getty Images

Foster along with SBS presenter Lucy Zelic and SBS commentator David Basheer discussed a wide range of issues around national team. 


On the performance against Norway

Foster: "It was hard to watch."

"If Norway have more movement than you, you must be in trouble... they were using their sixes (holding midfielders) in a much more sophisticated way than we were. 

On the performance against Colombia

"A little bit better orgnaised, I thought we were much more aggressive physically. The first half was very scrappy, in the second half we started to get opened up.  

On the need for a long-term plan for the national team

Basheer: "You absolutely must work to a plan. A long-term plan. Becuase that's the only way we're going to improve as a football nation."

Foster: "The whole national plan has been thrown out. It's been burnt."  

"I think for our game to become the number one in the country, Australia needs to play a certain (attacking) way."

On the appointment of Bert van Marwijk

Foster: "He (van Marwijk) is an accomplished coach, he's an experienced coach. That's all fine. I don't think he's going to bring us anything new. I don't believe he's going to contribute anything.

"He'll be getting a couple of million dollars to go there and play what is a very ordinary system.

"And I believe there is a large amount of Australian coaches who could do exactly the same thing equally as well - if not better. 

"Tony Popovic could do a better job. Our top local coaches have more variation in their coaching."

Basheer: "They (FFA) appointed a tournament coach that they hoped would get Australia out of the group - I don't think that's going to happen just quietly - I think we're going to play some turgid football along the way."

On van Marwijk's reactive style

Foster: "It's very different for the players it's going to take time for them to get suited to different instructions and a much more reactive way of playing. 

"I see a team currently trying not to lose. We can make Norway look great, we can make Colombia look great in the second half, because we're not seeking to disrupt them. 

On Australian sporting DNA

Foster: "My understanding of Australian sporting DNA is to be aggressive, to be attacking, to never take a backwards step. It's that simple. I would rather lose a game 4-0 trying to win than lose 4-0 trying not to lose.

"I believe when we do that, we are at our best.

"All the coaches come here and say 'the work ethic is amazing', that's right! Use it! But you don't use it by sitting in your own half.

"We're going to go there (to the World Cup), we're going to allow teams to play - that's what happened against Norway and Colombia. We can make average sides look good now. We're not going to press. I think it's contrary to our Australian DNA. "

On the Dutch system of football

Foster: "I've seen what has happened with the Dutch over the last 10 years. They have fallen behind. That's clear. They offer us nothing anymore. Absolutely zero."

On whether Marcelo Bielsa was approached by FFA

Foster: "I spoke to people on his old staff who have direct contact with him and they said he wasn't spoken to. 

The full podcast can be heard in the audio link at the top of the article, available for download on any podcast application or soundcloud.

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Published 28 March 2018 at 8:07pm
Source: SBS The World Game