Leroy George slams A-League, hints at club future in bizarre interview

Former Melbourne Victory star import Leroy George has criticised the A-league in a revealing interview in which he confirmed he is in negations with three Australian clubs.

Leroy George

Former Melbourne victory star Leroy George Source: Getty Images

Currently a free agent , the championship-winning midfielder was hoping to continue on with Kevin Muscat’s side but said he is holding out for a bigger contract as three rival A-league clubs - believed to be Sydney FC, Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne City - vie for his signature.

In the interview with Dutch website Vice Sports, the 31-year-old was also critical of the standard and set-up of the A-League saying Victory won the championship despite having a "p*ssy" season.

“I am now negotiating with three other clubs in Australia. But if I play football far away from home, it must be a good amount,” George said in the translated interview.

"Melbourne had agreed that if I perform well that I would also be rewarded in my next contract. The club also wanted to extend, but then just for the same amount. 

“With all due respect, I am old and wise enough now that I know this is part of football. It remains business.”

Melbourne Victory released a statement on Thursday saying they had offered the star more money but he wasn't interested.

"Melbourne Victory wishes to advise that Leroy George has decided against re-signing with the club," the statement read.

"Despite the club's best efforts over an extended period of time, the 31-year-old has rejected a substantially improved offer and is instead pursuing other opportunities."

Despite his desire to return to the A-League, Victory's 2017-2018 player of the season was less than complimentary about the standard of the league and the format of the competition admitting it felt strange competing for the championship after finishing more than 20 points behind the ladder leaders.

“With respect for the A-League, but the level is not very high,” he said.

“In the regular season we ended up as number four with more than twenty points less than the number one.

“You can run a ‘p*ssy’ (sic) season in Australia and then still celebrate a championship.”

George also offered an insight into his average day during his time at the victory and hinted that playing for a club in Australia was far from hard work.  

“Life in Australia was further super-relaxed,” he said.

“I usually went to the club at nine o'clock in the morning and then we started training at ten o'clock. Around twelve o'clock I discussed with my teammates what we were going to do in the afternoon. Often it would be nice to have lunch and drink coffee. 

“Then I took a nap and it was already evening. I then sent an app to my teammates: "Where are we going to eat?" That was the life in Australia pretty much.”

The Dutchman also revealed details of Melbourne Victory’s week-long, booze-fuelled celebrations after their grand final triumph saying “Australian’s really know how to party”.

“Those guys there know how to celebrate a championship. We only celebrated for a week. Crates of beer in the locker room," he said.

“I sometimes drink something myself, but what those Australians do is really next level. Those guys were on the drink from 10 o'clock in the morning.

“At the end of the season, they celebrate Mad Monday in Australia. It is a tradition and everyone has to dress up.

“I do not exactly know what the day entails, but it was really a laugh.

“I was dressed up as a Formula 1 driver. Of course they started again at ten o'clock in the morning and ended it after midnight. Man, they know what parties are there.”

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Published 12 July 2018 at 2:12pm
Source: SBS The World Game