Roar's Young moves on from his blunder show

Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young has bounced back from his horror night out against Melbourne City in Round 7, accepting that ups and downs were a part of football, and life.


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Young has not dwelled on things and was determined to move on and work on further strengthening the already positive aspects of his game and learning from his mistakes.

City should have scored, but didn't, after Young, who was looking to quickly get Roar moving out of the back, slipped over and the ball popped out between his legs to an opponent.

Later, Young took a short goal-kick that hit defender Daniel Bowles, who wasn't expecting it and had his back to the ball, and City grabbed possession. This time, City did take advantage, scoring the first goal in what ended up a 1-1 draw.

Some critics said Bowles had to share the responsibility because he should have been looking back just in case, but many heaped all of the blame on Young.

It didn't force Young to crawl up into the foetal position in a corner, though. The experience of going to England as a teenager to establish his career and then keep it alive by playing for a number of clubs before returning to Australia made him far tougher than that.

"It was unfortunate, but it's part of being a goalkeeper, it's part of life," Young said. "But it's gone now and I've played two more games since.

"The thing about goalkeeping is people often remember the bad things you do but since I've been playing this season we've only lost once, so I think that's a fair indication I've contributed well to our team.

"I shrug mistakes off straight away. You have to.

"Unfortunately, when you play sport, you're often judged on things that happen in less than a second and you've got to be bold enough to just forget about it and get on with it. It's part of life and you've just got to accept it."

Young said that if ever did let mistakes get to him then he would be in trouble.

"I wouldn't have had 15 years in the game if I reacted any other way," he said.

"You never get ahead of yourself as a goalkeeper, you just treat it with respect and always be constructive about your play. Look at fixing the mistakes and continuing to do the positive things."

Young said many of the mates he has from clubs he played for in England had not missed the opportunity to give him a bake over it.

"Yeah, I got a few texts from mates who play in England, giving it to me," he said. "They'll let you know and it's just a bit of fun between mates.

"What can you do? It's something that happened and you can't change it. There isn't a goalkeeper in the world who wants something like that to happen, but the fact is you're making decisions all the time on the field and that's just one thing that's happened this season.

"I think largely I've been very consistent during the time I've been at Brisbane, going back to last season, and I've really enjoyed my time here."

Roar's first-choice goalkeeper, Michael Theo, has had a string of injury problems dating back to early last season, which means Young has played the vast majority of games during that time.

He will be between the posts again for Roar when they play Wellington Phoenix at Cazaly's Stadium in Cairns on Saturday afternoon.

Brisbane have gone draw, draw, loss in their last three games, but have performed well in each match and could have easily done much better in terms of the results. Young said the players remain very positive.

"I think when you're a team that creates chances that's always positive and we've been doing that consistently," he said. "If you're not creating chances you're struggling, so there's a good sign. It's just converting those chances now."

Young's contract runs out at the end of this season, but he hopes to remain at Brisbane beyond that. He is 30, an age at which many goalkeepers still haven't reached their peak.

"I'd love to stay in Brisbane, it's my home town and I really enjoy playing in this team," he said. "But to stay you've got to put the performances in and hopefully I've been doing that.

"I haven't had any discussions with the club yet, I've just been concentrating on my football. If you play well, the rest takes care of itself."

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Published 12 December 2015 at 10:47am
By Greg Prichard
Source: SBS