The False 9: Round 26 - Berisha, Durante, muppets, knobs and social media insults

The arguments didn't end with Melbourne Victory star Besart Berisha being red-carded by referee Ben Williams for lashing out at Wellington Phoenix captain Andrew Durante from a horizontal position on the turf.


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Durante had leant over Berisha to say something to the striker, at which point the Albanian lashed out at him with his boot.

Wellington's skipper copped it on Twitter, being described as a "disgrace" and a "muppet", and he returned serve. Durante was adamant he had merely asked Berisha if he needed help to get to the sideline.

The Victory striker had been hit by a forearm to the head from Durante's central defensive partner, Ben Sigmund, as they went up to contest a ball.

While Sigmund could never be described as subtle, Berisha is prone to exaggeration and while the contact wouldn't have tickled, he reacted as if he'd been hit by a truck.

Phoenix players were clearly frustrated at how long Berisha was staying on the ground getting treatment.

The potential for concussion in such incidents is always a serious consideration, but in the end Berisha let himself and his teammates down by reacting to Durante, particularly with Williams, who has never been afraid to whip out a red card, nearby.

Reddy or not

The front-cover mock is a bit like the commentator's curse.

Usually it occurs when the commentator says something complimentary about a player who then immediately makes a fool of him by coming up with an error. Or when a player is pictured on the front page of the match program only for something to go wrong once he gets out on the field.

But, in the case of Liam Reddy, he doesn't even get out there.

The producers of The Wanderer, the match-day program for Western Sydney Wanderers, put goalkeeper Reddy on the cover for the game against Central Coast Mariners, but coach Tony Popovic dropped him and went with Andrew Redmayne instead. Reddy spent the match on the bench.

And this late in the season, Redmayne would have to stuff up big-time to not finish the campaign between the sticks.

The Wanderer

Kenny Lowe-isms

When your team has won 10 of their last 11 games to storm into the reckoning for A-League championship honours, you're allowed to invent new words at the post-match media conference.

Enter Perth coach, Kenny Lowe, after Glory's 3-2 win over Melbourne City.

"I think, if you look at it, when we went through the salary cap issue I think I'd use a word like bounce-back-ability, you know what I mean?" Lowe said.

"It's something where we could have actually gone one way or another and we've brought that bounce-back-ability and we're flying.

"We had a choice and everyone here has made a choice, not just the playing group and the coaching group and the admin, but the fans - I think we've got the most amount of supporters we've ever had as members.

"To come off the back of the season we had, the situation we had last year, to be in the position we are now, I think everyone really, really deserves a massive, massive pat on the back because I don't think people understand what a lot of people went through and the people who stayed have really contributed.

"Our new people have come in and contributed as well, so hopefully we can just . . . One long ascendancy."

History does, in fact, repeat

Newcastle Jets captain Nigel Boogaard must love getting first use of the showers, because he was red-carded again in his team's 2-1 loss to Brisbane Roar.

False 9 would normally present Split Enz performing I See Red in these circumstances, but it's getting a bit monotonous.

Instead, here is another Enz classic - History Never Repeats. Unfortunately for "Bogey", it does actually keep repeating. 


Tweet, tweet #1

Sometimes, being prepared as a football club executive to talk to the masses on social media can come back to bite you.

Tweet, tweet #2

Bruce Djite makes it an even bigger night for the kids visiting from the bush at Allianz Stadium.

Tweet, tweet #3

Looks like Archie Thompson has gone for 'the plus fours' look as Victory go on a team walk through the streets of Suwon.

Man of the hour (and a half)

Adelaide United striker Bruce Djite didn't open his goal-scoring account for this season until round 16, when he produced a double in the 4-1 win over Brisbane, but now he has eight, including another double in the 2-0 win over Sydney FC.

If you've been watching the Reds, you must have noticed how Djite is now playing so much more with his front to goal now.

It's because the team's attack is so swift and smooth he is able to run on to quality balls being delivered in front of him, rather than have to wait for the ball and then hold it up with his back to goal.

"Yeah, I think that's what happens when you start attacking well, as a team," Djite told False 9.

"You're not receiving the ball on the half-way line with your back to the goal trying to hold off a couple of defenders and just trying to keep possession.

"You're closer to the opposition goal and if you receive it with your back to goal you can turn and shoot, or you're playing one-twos and more exciting, more attacking football with the ball arriving in front of you.

"Players like Marcelo Carrusca and Sergio Cirio are helping to create more chances and we're having more shots and the game's obviously more enjoyable for an attacker that way."

Can't wait for . . .

The fun to start at AAMI Park on Friday night, when fourth-placed Melbourne City host second-placed Adelaide United.

A win to either side would put them on top of the table for the time being, and in Adelaide's case - a draw would as well, but we would still have the rest of the weekend to sort out the final positions.

First-placed Brisbane will obviously stay there if they beat Victory at AAMI Park on Saturday, while third-placed Western Sydney will need a couple of results to go their way as well as beating Wellington at Westpac Stadium on Sunday if they are to finish on top.

It's all happening.

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Published 5 April 2016 at 6:34pm
By Greg Prichard