The False 9: Round 7 - Piovaccari back in circulation after two straight goals

Western Sydney Wanderers marquee striker Federico Piovaccari obviously believes two goals in two rounds means it is safe to start tweeting again.


Federico Piovaccari celebrates after scoring for the second consecutive week for the Wanderers Source: Getty Images

Until Sunday, Piovaccari, normally a regularly retweeter, hadn't made a move on Twitter since 20 September.

Criticism of the Italian for his lack of goals in the A-League had been growing, but then he finally broke the drought with a goal in the Wanderers 3-0 win over Melbourne City in round six.

Still, that wasn't enough to convince Piovaccari he could resume normal transmission.

It wasn't until he scored again in the 2-1 win over Wellington Phoenix that he decided to re-emerge with a series of retweets celebrating the win, including this one in which he plays up to the camera.

Piovaccari's second goal in two weeks! Bid for his match-worn jersey here: — WS Wanderers FC (@wswanderersfc) November 21, 2015

Paging Ivan Franjic's hairdresser

Socceroos defender Ivan Franjic clearly wanted to make a big impact in his first game for Melbourne City after finally overcoming injury and he did that before even kicking a ball.

Franjic appeared on the bench for the game against Brisbane Roar looking like he had arrived at his hairdresser's during the week with a picture of Robert De Niro playing Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and said: "Give me that."

When he rose from his seat to take the field as a second-half substitute, Franjic certainly looked like he meant business.

There has been no confirmation of reports that when City coach John van't Schip told Franjic to get ready, he replied: "You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking . . . You talking to me? Well I'm the only one here."

Actually, there were no such reports. For the uninitiated, that is Travis at his peculiar best in the movie classic. 


What were the birds thinking?

False 9 was so alarmed by how many seagulls descended on AAMI Park during the Melbourne Victory v Central Coast Mariners match he went looking for answers.

Typing "why do seagulls descend on football fields" into Google returned a whole bunch of information that included a story which appeared in The Age newspaper in 2011 about seagulls invading an AFL finals match at the nearby MCG.

The story said that "according to the US Department of Agriculture, seagulls are attracted to large areas of short grass (like those found beside runways at airports, and on playing arenas) which offer access to insect foods, they like open spaces where they can see long distances and enjoy feasting on human food waste, obviously in strong supply in large sports crowds."

The story went on to list suggested solutions to the problem, including "ultrasonic devices; pyrotechnics; shellcrackers; gas-powered exploders; spikes, wires and nets; broadcasts of distress and alarm calls; and harassment by trained birds of prey or radio-controlled small aircraft."

But there were no guarantees, with an expert concluding: "They're smart, birds, they find a way around things."

So it appears we have to accept that the birds will continue to do what they like and just lift off and land back down the other end of the field, when the play disturbs them.

The game occasionally resembled scenes from the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock horror-thriller movie The Birds, which, while irritating for the players and spectators, was still better than a repeat of the bird scene from the Mel Brooks spoof on Hitchcock movies, High Anxiety.


Man of the hour (and a half)

Gui Finkler scored a gorgeous pair of goals for Victory against Mariners and afterwards his coach, Kevin Muscat, said a performance like that from the playmaker had been coming all along this season.

"The first goal was some very good football and it was a good finish and then obviously the second one (from a free-kick), we've seen him do that a number of times," Muscat said.

"Gui has been arriving in those moments quite regularly this season and ultimately his quality was going to shine through. Now that he's taking his opportunities it makes him very difficult to play against."

Tweet, tweet #1

Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young is not going to be allowed to forget this any time soon.

The awkward moment when Brisbane keeper Jamie Young somehow nutmegged himself... — BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) November 20, 2015

Tweet, tweet #2

You've got to love former Central Coast Mariners and now Shimizu S-Pulse striker Mitchell Duke's enthusiasm.

Tweet, tweet #3

Melbourne City's Stefan Mauk gives his two cents' worth in the debate over the banned fans newspaper story.

Jamie Young is not Robinson Crusoe

It was an embarrassing evening for the Brisbane goalkeeper against Melbourne City, but there is no thicker file in football than the one on goalkeeping howlers.

This example, one of millions, is meant by False 9 to make him feel better.

Can't wait for . . .

Adelaide United to finally sweep to victory for the first time this season against their biggest rivals, Melbourne Victory, at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, and for their coach Guillermo Amor to react by dancing down the sideline and finishing it off with a massive knee-slide in Josep Gombau fashion.

OK, I know, there is no chance of that happening. The dancing and the knee-slide, I mean.

Adelaide has at least an outside shot at beating Victory, but the chances of Amor getting highly animated under any circumstances appear to be slight at best.

Come on, Guillermo, a double fist-pump, perhaps, if Adelaide score a shock win? You can do it!

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Published 24 November 2015 at 3:12pm
By Greg Prichard