Young struggles to accept 'gut-wrenching' defeat

Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young said there was no way his side should have ended up in a position where they could lose their A-League semi-final to Western Sydney Wanderers after leading 3-0.


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But that was the way it happened in an incredible game at Pirtek Stadium on Sunday night and Young described the 5-4 defeat in extra time as "gut-wrenching".

"It was incredible to be up 3-0 and not get the result and the way it happened was very disappointing for us as a team," Young said."The gravity of the game, I think 3-0 you should be winning those games and unfortunately it didn't happen that way tonight."

Young said the fact there was still plenty of time left after Brisbane had established their lead with goals in the 16th, 20th and 23rd minutes was no excuse for Roar not getting the job done.

"There was a lot of time on the clock, but I think that's the game at 3-0," he said. "Maybe 2-0, it's a bit of a predicament of a score-line, but at 3-0 I think we should have been able to shut up shop in terms of conceding goals and unfortunately that wasn't the case."

The Wanderers went from 3-0 down to 4-3 up with goals in the 26th, 39th, 53rd and 59th minutes. Brisbane made it 4-4 in the 81st minute and substitute Dario Vidosic scored the winner for the home side in the 102nd minute of a titanic tussle.

Asked why he thought the game had turned around so dramatically, Young replied: "It could be the mental side of the sport, you know, one team sees a bit of hope and they gather that momentum because they're at home, and they run with it.

"And we had that slight doubt in our minds from their first goal and the tables are slightly turned and it's just part of life and sport, it's how you deal with emotions and now it's gone and that's how it is.

"But it's not just one reason why you win or lose a football game, there are a number of reasons and I'm sure we'll have a look at it, particularly the way we feel we could have done better. We'll look at things that weren't so good, obviously, and that's just what you do when this happens."

Young said he didn't think Roar had gotten themselves into a situation where, once they were up 3-0, they became unsure about whether to keep pushing or hold back and ended up getting caught in the middle.

"I don't know about that, we always have a game plan and we're always trying to play football the way we want to play," he said.

"That's always our ethos, we always try to play the way we think we should play and I just feel maybe the mental side of the game is a lot stronger, because we're all decent players in the team and all capable of playing.

"They were at home and they had a very good crowd behind them and they obviously got the win as a result of all that."

There were a number of defensive mistakes in front of the goalkeepers on both sides that contributed heavily to many of the goals being scored, but Young said no matter what the circumstances might be he had to take his share of the responsibility.

"I'm obviously disappointed to have conceded five goals," he said. "I'll have a look at it. When you concede five goals you should always look at it and personally I'm disappointed  because I'm at the forefront of that."

Young said it was now up to himself and the rest of the Roar players to return stronger next season.

"No-one has died, there are worse things going on in life, but it doesn't make it any easier to take a result like this," he said. "It certainly does hurt when you put so many hours and so much passion and desire into the job and it ends like this.

"It's gut-wrenching, but you've got to be mature enough to have a look at it objectively and learn from errors and come back stronger."

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4 min read
Published 25 April 2016 at 4:00pm
By Greg Prichard