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China's online regulator has strengthened its guidelines to include gay content into the “abnormal sexual behaviour" category.
Michaela Morgan

6 Jul 2017 - 10:45 AM  UPDATED 6 Jul 2017 - 10:45 AM

China’s online regulator announced new guidelines last week that prohibits LGBT+ audio visual content from making it to the web.

The China Netcasting Services Association says that gay content will now be placed in the “abnormal sexual behaviour” category and will be auditing documentaries, web series and cartoons—and not everyone is happy about it.

The Youth Communist League in China has posted a statement on its official Weibo page, condemning the new rules, What's on Weibo reports

China is trying to ban gay content from the internet
Regulators have placed LGBT+ content in the ‘abnormal sexual behaviours' category.

“Homosexuality is not a mental illness. In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders,” the group wrote.  

“It has been acknowledged by the international medical world that homosexuality is not a disorder. In 2006, the Declaration of Montreal has proposed the observation of May 17 as the International Day Against Homophobia.

“They called attention to homophobia, discrimination of gay people and unfair treatment. Remove your prejudice, you can do it.”

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According to What’s on Weibo, the post has received thousands of comments. While many have been negative, some users have praised the youth league.

“Thank you, Fujian Youth League! This moved me to tears,” one person wrote.

“When I first saw the news I felt so awful, and then I saw that the post by Li Yinhe was removed and I started to feel pessimistic about our society, but now that I read this voice from the Communist Youth League, it really touches my heart!”

“I never thought I would say this,’ another person said. “But I am proud of the Communist Youth League.”