• 188 floats will take to Oxford Street for the 2020 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
This year's parade feels decidedly more political than previous years, with floats protesting the climate emergency and religious freedom bill.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

21 Feb 2020 - 1:11 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2020 - 3:12 PM

This year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade will see a massive 188 floats make their way down Oxford street, not just saying who they are, but telling the whole world - and, for the first time, millions of live TV viewers - What Matters to them.

While our usual favourites are back (including ACON's First Nations float, the Dykes on Bikes Sydney pre-parade ride, the beautiful 78ers, and PFLAG), this year's parade feels decidedly more political than previous years, with several floats reacting to the climate emergency, and others protesting the religious freedom bill.

Other surprises to look out for? We've been told that there will be more celebrity pop-ups throughout the parade than ever before, plus Sydney's WorldPride2023 Victory float is sure to be a highlight - and give everyone something extra special to look forward to.

On the night, you'll be able to tune in LIVE on SBS (all details here) or watch live on SBS On Demand (here), where you'll be able to enjoy the night's fabulous lineup of hosts include comedian Joel Creasey, presenter Narelda Jacobs, drag icon Courtney Act and comedian Zoë Coombs Marr.

Also, keep an eye out for the SBS float at 130!

How to watch the 2020 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade
Get up-to-date on all the ways to watch this year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade on SBS - from anywhere in the world.

So without further ado, here are this year's Mardi Gras floats in running order:


Dykes on Bikes Sydney
Australia's longest running female-identified motorcycle club, and one of the country's oldest LGBTQI community groups. Up to 200 Dykes on motorbikes, revving up the crowd, leading the parade as they've done for over 30 years!

Boys on Bikes
Boys on bikes represents the diverse members of the community who are or support the Gay Motorbike & Scooter riders - all shapes, sizes, colours and backgrounds.


1. ACON First Nations - What matters, WE Matter!
Organised by ACON, the First Nations peoples LGTBQI community are always the first to be seen in each and every Mardi Gras Parade. Mardi Gras acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, who are the traditional owners of the land on which our celebrations are held on. Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.

2. 78ers
The ‘78ers are the valiant group people who gathered at Taylor Square on a Saturday in June 1978 to march down Oxford street at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. More than four decades later they’ve lost none of their spirit!

3. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - WHAT MATTERS
This Mardi Gras season focuses on What Matters! Our float is a powerful and creative protest for the world we live in. We're drawing attention to climate and sustainability, with a float built with love for the planet and hope for the future. Ze is our genderless puppet, a Gaia that reminds us that we are all alive and connected. We must recognise our differences without judgement, support each other and take care of the earth. During Fair Day our community came together to build this float out of sustainable materials. It represents life, growth and nature through hyperreal colours, intricate detail, and movement to sound of Ze's heartbeat. Lead by protest and building to a climactic cavalcade of hope and love. What Matters is knowing we are all connected on this earth and we must take care of our only home. Creative: Kat Dopper, Choreography: Gin Ferris, Music: Peewee Ferris

4. People with Disability Australia - Illuminating Connections
Representing different people in different walks of life that light up one by one, each a different colour of the rainbow.

5. Please Don't Forget Our LGBTQI Homeless
Representing the growing number of Lgbtqi Homeless, and in particular elderly who are living in their cars. We endeavour to be the voice to those who are not heard. So please support our homeless, as our LGBTI homeless are the most vulnerable.

6. St Vincent's Hospital Ward 17 South - 35 YEARS WARD
35 years ago St Vincent's Hospital opened the first dedicated HIV/AIDS ward in Australia - 17 South. This year we celebrate how far we have come since then - both in overcoming the stigma associated with a positive diagnosis and also in transforming HIV into a manageable chronic condition for almost all of those living with HIV in Australia today. Thank you St Vincent's and all of those who have worked in HIV medicine!

7. Trans Pride Australia – VIP: Visibility, Inclusion, Pride
Our theme, VIP, is both playful and powerful.  We will subvert the standard trans and gender diverse (TGD) narrative - that of being discriminated against and marginalised - and instead have all our participants step into the role of Very Important People for the night. They will dance and march with visibility, a sense of inclusion and great pride.

8. NSW Trans Youth Alliance - Transcendent
We are a group of Trans young people and allies. Our mesage is conveyed through our use of the Trans colours, white, blue and pink, our signs, Trans and proud, Trans is beautidul, our flags and logos and Tshirts.

9. Bi+ Visibility - BI-VIS: ‘Building’ Visibility
Bi+ Visibility envisions a world where bisexuality is recognised, celebrated and visible. Bi+ people from across Australia are putting on their brightest hi-vis vests to be seen! We have picked up our tools, and we are working on building visibility and authentic representation for our wonderful and talented bi+ community. Brick by brick, we are building an even stronger community for bisexual, pansexual, biromantic, panromantic, fluid, questioning and queer people.

10. ANZ - Spreading #LoveSpeech
ANZ is raising awareness of the negative impact homophobic language has on the LGBTIQ+ community. We want to disarm hurtful language, one comment at a time and create a world where #LoveSpeech prevails. ANZ’s float encompasses our message of #LoveSpeech, our rainbow community and the magical fierceness of the unicorn, trotting a path of love across Australia.

11. Free Gay and Happy - You-er than YOU!
Free Gay and Happy is celebrating YOU ... “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind” - Dr Seuss. Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

12. Haka For Life - "He pokeke uenuku i tu ai! Against a dark cloud, a rainbow stands out brightly!”
Haka for Life is a Perth-based suicide prevention and awareness charity. Using Indigenous Maori dance to powerfully connect people, including members of the LQBTIQ+ community, to a form of self-expression that breaks them free from the constraints of depression, anxiety and suicide ideation. We are a stand that people 'Choose Life', no matter their circumstances. Our brothers and sisters from Corroboree for Life also join us to honour the First Nations People, leading our float with Corroboree dance and didgeridoo.

13. City of Sydney ­- Everyone's Welcome
The City of Sydney is a major sponsor and supporter of Mardi Gras. 2020 marks the 15th year the City has participated in the parade. In 2020, our float highlights the City’s acceptance of everyone, regardless of sexuality, gender or ethnicity. It also reflects the City’s long-held commitment to welcoming people seeking asylum and refugees.

14. Alex & Clover: Representation Matters
Continuing a wonderful parade tradition, Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP will march together again. This year, we say that LGBTIQ representation matters at all levels of politics to achieve positive outcomes for the community. We celebrate Clover and Alex's achievements representing the community and progressing equality. With still so much to be done, the Alex & Clover parade entry will show why representation matters.

In 2019 Chicago and Sydney became sister cities and the same year Chicago elected its first black female and openly lesbian mayor. This entry celebrates the link between the two cities coming from the famous Chicago Boystown neighbourhood.

16. NSW Rural Fire Service: One Team, Many Players, One Purpose
As the lead agency in combating bushfires and enabling the community to be better protected and prepared for bushfires, the NSW RFS has many responsibilities. In addition to firefighting and community protection, our 73,223 strong volunteer workforce is also responsible for structure fires in over 1200 villages and supports other agencies in emergency situations including accidents, flood & storm, and search & rescue situations. NSW RFS Volunteers come from all walks of life and can be found right across NSW, be that coastal, regional or rural. The NSW RFS celebrates the diversity of its membership and enthusiastically participates in activities that reflect its membership and community focus.

17. Fire and Rescue NSW
Lights and Sirens blaring, FRNSW will march the parade escorted by a firefighting appliance with music and choregraphed dance routine. A rainbow coloured float that is alive with colour, dance and a festive feel.

18. NSW State Emergency Services – Orange Pride with Ms Tempest Zest and the All Seasons Crew
The NSW SES celebrates the individual diversity, shared humanity and community resilience of our LGBTIQ+ members - and members from all walks of life - working together to weather all storms. Led by Ms Tempest Zest  performing weather-inspired dance tracks on the back of a NSW SES flatbed truck, we will whip up a storm with a cyclone of marchers creating a tsunami of cheer and flooding Oxford Street with Orange Pride.

19. Team Sydney Sports
Promoting sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Sydney’s diverse community sports organisations. Team Sydney Sports help connect and promote over thirty member organisations, representing several thousand individual sportspeople.

20. Bentstix Hockey Club - Rainbow Turf
Bentstix Hockey Club is dedicated to continually building a diverse, competitive and friendly environment. “What Matters to us is visible queer role models in sports. All hockey clubs play on the field, but Bentstix, we bring rainbow to the turf. We are proud to be marching in our club colours and to shine a spotlight on our club, the sport, and all the friendships we have built.”

21. Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling - Planet of the Silverbacks
In the year 2039 Earth has become uninhabitable for life forcing life to flee in search of a new planet. A group of wrestlers from the Sydney Silverbacks and sister club Melbourne Wranglers crash land on a mysterious planet called Darlinghurst forcing them to start a settlement in the harsh new environment. They must wrestle their way to tame this wild planet, making it a safe, inclusive space for all that want to settle here.

22. Broken Heel Festival
The ‘Priscilla’ bus is undoubtedly the 4th lead in the film, and this year we give her the nod she deserves. Felecia paints the bus pink after they overcome the homophobic people in Broken Hill and take control again. Everyone matters, so our marching group is auditioned through regional Australia and reaching out to our audience. That’s how we progress through the growth of the Broken Heel Festival, the continuing message of inclusion, acceptance and pink glittery love. A strong message offered not just our audience, but our community in these regional areas who might be feeling the pinch.

23. Department of Defence
Defence is proud to participate in the Mardi Gras parade, as we understand that our LGBTI people are vital to our capability, reputation, and our national security. Army, Navy and Air Force members will march in uniform alongside their civilian colleagues, demonstrating Defence’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

24. DEFGLIS – Defence LGBTI Information Service
DEFGLIS is a registered charity that supports and represents members of diverse sex, sexuality and gender in Defence. What matters to DEFGLIS is education and awareness of the inclusion of LGBTI people in the Defence community. “We march proudly to support a diverse and capable Defence force. We are the community that serves, and supports those who serve proudly.”

25. Midas: Golden Glamz Presents: Inspiring Hope
Midas: Golden Glamz have been a part of the Mardi Gras Parade since 2012 under the name Glamazon All Starz. We are a community group who have always had a passion for an inclusive group all shapes, sizes, genders, sexual identities and individuality. We have always marched standing for Love, Unity, Valor and Equality, which has served as our motto throughout every parade entry L.U.V.E.

26. R U OK? - U matter to me
R U OK? is a national suicide prevention charity. Our vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide. We encourage everyone to connect and equip them with the skills and confidence to ask, “Are you OK?” to support those who may be struggling with life.

27. ACON
Established in 1985, we work to create opportunities for people in our communities to live their healthiest lives. We are a fiercely proud community organisation. For our entire history, ACON has been of, and for, the communities we work with. In 2019, NSW saw the lowest HIV rates on record since surveillance began. That’s because our communities mobilised around keeping themselves and their partners safe. In 2020, our 35th year, it matters to us to say ‘thank you’."

28. Newcastle Pride - Freedom To Be Me’
What Matters to Newcastle Pride is supporting our LGBTIQ+ community and ensuring we flourish, soaring high in the sky totally free. Newcastle Pride’s 2020 Festival is being held in August 2020, themed THIS IS ME!

29. At Beyond Gender We All Matter!
Welcome to the evolution of inclusion - Beyond Gender provides LGBTIQ, transgender diversity and Interfaith inclusion training and consulting services to workplaces and organisations across Australia. Beyond Gender is proudly supported by icare NSW.

Qantas’ now iconic Rainbow Roo glides up Oxford Street in what is Qantas’ centenary year. The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia. Qantas looks ahead and celebrates the beginning of their next century, as they dream bigger, fly further and look to support a brighter future for all communities.

31. Rainbow Families NSW - Our Families Matter
Rainbow Families NSW provides a network of support to children and families within the NSW LGBTIQ community. Lesbian mums, gay dads, trans parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and all types of rainbow families come together through our social events, playgroups, parent education sessions and other activities to learn, meet other LGBTIQ families, make new friends and build resilient families.

32. Rainbow Families Playgroups, Social Groups and Regional - Our Families Matter
One of the most important ways we support the LGBTIQ community is through our network of playgroups across Sydney and regional NSW. Becoming a parent is daunting. And LGBTIQ+ parents face a range of extra challenges. Meeting parents who share those experiences is life affirming.

33. Gay Dads NSW - Our Families Matter
A social and online group that was created specifically as a resource for gay men in NSW who are dads and those thinking of becoming dads. The Gay Dads NSW social group offers three avenues to connect: through an online forum, a Facebook Group and through social events. The online groups are a great way for men to connect with other gay men who are Fathers, or find out about how to become a dad.

34. Parents for Trans Youth Equity - PROMOTE TRANS YOUTH EQUITY
We ask all people to HELP US! PROMOTE TRANS YOUTH EQUITY, in all areas of society- parental support, healthcare, education, religion, media representation, administration, housing, foster care, government, in public, with extended family. We ask you to help transgender youth achieve equity!

35. PFLAG Australia - Keeping Families Together
PFLAG Parents and Friends are a multicultural parent group specifically coming together as one to support their LGBTIQ+ families. We provide support to each other our families and to friends. We are there to assist keeping families together. Members marching this year come from around Australia and from overseas.

36. Daniel Lester 20 year volunteer - Stepping into the Light
“Our Parade entry celebrates the love and support we have been given over the 20 years that we have been helping to organise this Parade. For 19 years a few of us have been on the Parade organising committee, and this our 20th year we are marching in the Parade for the first time with our friends and family. Time for us to shine, to step into the light, come out from behind the curtains and go into the show. What better way than to go out, by going out dancing!”

37. Star Observer
Since 1979, the Star Observer has worked to inform and connect Australia's LGBTIQ+ community over the news and issues that matter to them. The paper has shared the community's struggles and triumphs from the very beginning, and shone a light on many unique stories untouched by the mainstream press – from the AIDS crisis and the decriminalisation of homosexuality through to trans rights and marriage equality.

38. Dayenu: Jewish LGBT+ Sydney - Jewish, Queer, and Fabulous
Dayenu is the public face of Jewish LGBTQIA+ Sydney. We present a range of social events through the year, as well as providing outreach and advocacy. This year, we celebrate our 20th anniversary of marching in the Mardi Gras Parade for the first time in 2000. What matters to us that we continue to send the message to our diverse Queer family as well as the Jewish community that we will always be: Queer, Jewish and Fabulous!

39. NSW Ambulance - LGBTIQA+ Health Matters
NSW Ambulance is the statutory provider of pre-hospital emergency care and ambulance services to all communities in NSW, including the LGBTQI communities. Our entry is a collaboration between NSW Ambulance, St John Ambulance and Charles Sturt University Paramedicine Department.

40. Sweeties of the Sea from Little Congwong - Respect for the pioneers of the past Matters!  Sweeties of the Sea honours founding member Morris Flint for 31 years of service
Our parade entry this year honours the man who has tirelessly led our group for thirty one years - beach lover and legendary Gay Rights advocate MAURICE FLINT. He’ll sit comfortably on an elevated throne built from a converted life guard tower and attendants will cater to his every need.

41. Pink Mountains - WE MATTER!
Pink Mountains is an umbrella for many other groups within our LGBTQI community in the Blue Mountains. Therefore, we hold pink umbrellas in the parade to unify us. Underneath the umbrellas we are have many things in common – represented by our colour scheme – but our outfits do not match – highlighting our individuality which is something that is embraced and encouraged in the mountains.

42. Belong Blue Mountains - My Life Matters – Our World Matters: Out and About Blue Mountains & Friends
We opened up an opportunity for other LGBTQI community members from the Blue Mountains who may not have normally been able to manage the trip to come and be a part of Out & About's adventures to Sydney and back and to be a part of the Mardi Gras Parade for 2020. The group said that journey of travelling by bus from Katoomba to the heart of Sydney is just a part of their journey & stories.

43. Sydney Swans - Everyone is Welcome at the Footy
Love. Family. Friends. Acts of kindness. Courage. Sharing the journey. At the heart of everything that matters is people – and at the Sydney Swans, we’re proud to say our people are what matters most. #ProudlySydney


45. Premier and Cabinet - Driving Diversity!
Premier and Cabinet drives diversity and inclusion across the public sector, striving to ensure our workforce reflects and represents the communities we serve, including our LGBTQI communities. NSW is a melting pot of histories, diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, so the government workforce that serves our state should be too! We strive to be an employer of choice for LGBTQI people, and people from all walks of life, because diversity matters. Our float is all about 'driving' diversity and creating an inclusive workforce ...vroom vroom!

46. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT - Guiding Love
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT are excited to shine a spotlight on disability so that people who are blind or vision impaired can participate and experience an accessible Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a visual spectacular and sensory experience, so how does someone with sight loss participate or experience the Mardi Gras? Gulliver, the world’s largest Guide Dog, has a rainbow harness and cape with the tagline 'we believe in freedom and independence' and beads around his neck. Participants will be wearing matching sensory t-shirts made of various materials to ensure that clients can physically feel and experience Mardi Gras through their outfits.

47. Australian Rainbow Veterinarians and Allies: Fabulous Pets need Rainbow Vets
Providing support, advocacy, education and events for LGBTIQA people in the veterinary industry. We have over 200 members of all genders and sexualities from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our float represents this diversity and that LGBITQA people and veterinarians come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. The Rainbow Vets who look after our pets.

48. Western Sydney University - We All Matter
Western Sydney University celebrates the individuals and groups that form the LGBTIQ community. We recognise we belong to a diverse collective of individuals, and it is the richness and respect of these eclectic experiences, perspectives and values that matters – We All Matter.

49. KIIS 1065
Kyle and Jackie O, passionate supporters of equality, are leading the KIIS 1065 float powered by iHeartRadio. The float’s inspiration is the power of audio, celebrating audiences’ love of radio and its personalities and what better way to do that than with Sydney’s favourite radio duo.

50. CSIRO – Australia’s National Science Agency - Biodiversity: The Rainbow Revolution
What matters to us is diversity. Diversity in our people, our thinking, our planet. We are the keepers of the future and our future is coming up rainbows. Biodiversity means variety of life and the communities it forms. Greater diversity ensures a better future.

51. Hoop Force Australia - Welcome to the Jungle
Our Float was originally inspired by the fires burning in the Amazon Jungle, now in Australia and the impacts of climate change in the long run. WHAT MATTERS is climate change, the future of this planet, and equality for everyone who calls it their home. The fires currently burning in Australia and also the Amazon represents this fire that is STILL in our hearts, to stand up for our rights, and to be treated as equal.

52. Raio de Sol Community Samba Band - What matters? Bang safe. Bang proud.
Canberra’s community samba band with heart – a big, bold, warm and welcoming heart that embraces community and has a passion for making music together to share with all. We play South American rhythms that will get your feet dancing and bring joy to your heart. Our percussion beats are intoxicating, vibrant and for everyone, young and old.

53. The Fabulous Wonder Mama - Wonder Mama Saves the World! 
Wonder Mama is on a mission to bring the bullies and bad guys to justice! So she's rounded up the biggest and baddest of them all in her amazing golden lasso and our Glambassador of Love and Equality herself is out to change the world and make it a nicer place! To all the bullies out there - Just be nice!! Love is Love!

54. Kathy Sant and Jenny Mann - Attack of the Redneck Spiders!
Kath’n’Jen are suburban lesbians who make Mardi Gras floats in their kitchen.  They love B grade horror movies but didn’t want to live in one.  "Attack of the Redneck Spiders!" depicts Scott Morrison as a giant redneck spider whose B grade government is attacking all we hold dear.  These relics of another age have already swallowed Safe Schools. Now workplaces won’t be safe for queer people.  These monsters will take schools, hospitals and aged care facilities if they can, even toilets if you’re trans or non-binary!  Stop the Horror Show Now!

55. ethel yarwood enterprises - A Cock in a Sock in a Shock Jock
Just STFU Alan!

56. Queer Derby: XANA-DO-YOU - Follow your Dreams
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of iconic roller-skating film, Xanadu and it's boogie-full sound-track we're showing what really matters - following your dreams, being your authentic self and living your best life.  We do this in roller derby by training and playing hard.

57. Sydney Rangers FC - Rainbow Players
Sydney Rangers FC are a​ rainbow of soccer players.  We are showing that every person, no matter ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, age, size, experience, skill level - it doesn’t matter. When it comes to being involved in sport the only thing thing that should be taken into account is the passion you have for sport.

58. The Evolution Dancers - 2020: A Gay Odyssey
It’s our mission to explore new places and unite. To seek out and support and inspire new friends.  To boldly go where no one has gone before. An epic drama of adventure and exploration.

59. W Hotels
W is dedicated to promoting equality and giving a megaphone to inspiring voices that deserve to be heard. From collaborations and celebrations to events and speaker series, we’re all about breaking boundaries and living out loud.

60. Australian Federal Police – Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer Network
The Australian Federal Police has participated in the Mardi Gras Parade for the past 21 years. The AFP recognises both the significance of this event and of our participation in this event, as the LGBTI community is one of the AFP’s recognised key priority diversity network groups. The AFP’s vision is “policing for a safer Australia”, ensuring that our workforce reflects/represents all community demographics and minorities.

61. NSW Police Force LGBTIQ Liaison Officers and Allies - 30 Years ON THE JOB ... LGBTIQ Liaison Officers and Allies keeping LGBTIQ people safe and supported all over the State
This Mardi Gras, the NSW Police Marching Band will lead our contingent of LGBTIQ Liaison Officers and NSW Police Force Allies, all working towards a common goal which is supporting LGBTIQ communities all over the state. ‘What Matters' is that LGBTIQ people should feel safe and supported, no matter where they live in NSW.

62. Wear it Purple - 10 Years of Standing Together
What Matters? - Youth Matter! In 2020 the Wear it Purple movement turns 10. That’s 10 years of fostering safe, supportive, empowered and inclusive environments for LGBTIQ+ youth. It’s grown from one Sydney school to over 600,000 students being reached and over 750 schools, universities and workplaces across Australia (and beyond).

63. Uniting NSW.ACT - Uniting for a fairer world
A mock protest to demonstrate the causes that really matter to Uniting – the largest provider of community services in NSW and the ACT, supporting more than 50,000 people from early learning through to aged care.

64. Rainbow Friendly Churches
A combined group including Equal Voices, MCC Sydney, CRAVE Church, SPARK Church, Acceptance Sydney, Rainbow Catholics InterAgency for Ministry and others. We care about LGBTIQA+ people finding faith communities where we belong. Big love!

65. Cosplays Out Of The Closet - Cosplaying for LGBTQI Freedom and Expression
This group brings together the infinite possibilities of popular culture and the sense of freedom, diversity and self-expression that the LGBT community strives to achieve in the modern world. Participants will march in costumes inspired by characters in popular culture that empowers them to follow their beliefs and values.

66. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT celebrates 100 years and looking to the future
Guides NSW, ACT & NT is celebrating it's 100 year anniversary in 2020 and with this in mind we are looking forward. Girl Guides is an accepting, vibrant community who welcomes members from across the LGBTQI+ spectrum, in accordance with our updated 2019 gender policy, all female identifying individuals are invited to be members.

67. Scouts NSW - Be Respectful, Do What Is Right and Believe In Yourself
Scouts Australia NSW provides young Australians aged 5 to 25 with fun and challenging opportunities to grow through adventure. We empower our youth to lead themselves and each other. Scouts Australia NSW has a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and actively supports young people and adults of diverse sexualities and genders to join our organisation. We know that you can’t be what you can’t see, so we ensure our ongoing support of Mardi Gras allows our youth from Broken Hill to Ballina to Bega to feel proud of themselves no matter how they identify. That’s WHAT MATTERS to us.

68. The Greens NSW - No Right to Discriminate
The LGBTIQ+ community is under attack by the Liberals’ religious discrimination bill. Now is the time to stand up to protect our rights and work together to strengthen our anti-discrimination laws in Australia.

69. Mature Age Gays Sydney - MAG MATTERS
Mature Age Gays is a social group for older, but not exclusively gay and bisexual men. “This year MAG will be having a 6-tonne truck, instead of a bus.”

70. Instagram - Your Voice Matters
Featuring Instagram’s ‘Create, Don’t Hate’ sticker, with hearts playing a looping animation of the multitude of LGBTQI community flags along a ‘love tunnel’.

71. NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association - Health Matters
The NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association will continue to fight for equal access to quality, non-discriminatory healthcare and want the LGBTIQ+ community to know that their health matters and they matter to us.

72. GLADD - The Association of LGBTQI Doctors and Dentists: Free to be - Embracing Gender Diversity
This years' Doctors and Dentists focuses on inclusion of our wider LGBTQI Community, by embracing Gender Diversity in all its forms.

What matters is that the planet and our natural ecosystems are being destroyed by human greed and practices that create a disposable, throw away society. But seemingly disposable or used goods can still be useful, if re-used in creative and inventive ways. This reuse may repurpose the item, and highlight hidden qualities that were previously unappreciated. A bit like older gay men in the LGBTQI community and society in general. We older gay men are going to create dynamic and inventive costumes from old disposable items. We are going to transform everyday discarded or used objects into something inventive and amazing to behold. We will basically be walking works of art - created from found and discarded objects.

74. Mark Watson - A Butterfly Taking Flight
The personal lives of GLBT people matters. This entry celebrates those lives by using a stunning butterfly to celebrate the self realization in these lives.

75. Autism spectrum Australia and the Autistic Rainbow Community - Neurodiversity Rainbow
Autistic people are 7.6 times more likely than neurotypical people to have diverse gender/s and sexual orientation/s. Being LGBTQIA+ and Autistic makes us a multiply marginalised, vulnerable, and underserved community. This year we march for inclusion, respect, and to ensure there is ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us’.

76. The Albion Centre – providing care, treatment, advocacy and support for 35 years
The Albion Centre is located in Surry Hills in Sydney. It was opened at the peak of the HIV epidemic in 1985. Albion has been there with the community from the start. Together both the community and Albion have worked together and adapted to meet the ever changing face of HIV infection. From the early years of diagnosis, limited treatment and loss to our community to 2020 and PLWHIV living full and long lives, Albion has provided care, treatment, advocacy and support to all effected by HIV.

77. L'Oreal
L’Oréal’s global mission is “beauty for all” and we support and encourage everyone to express themselves, on their own terms. As we enter a new decade we know that L’Oréal Australia and our 30 brands play a role in celebrating more gender-expansive faces and voices, and to do this, we need a diverse and inclusive workforce that is representative of our consumers and the community.

78. Retro Equality
Retro Equality is a group of vintage 1950’s inspired pinup guys, gals and persons who support and are apart of the LGBTQI+ community. Bringing together a variety of minority groups who want to fight for equal rights in Australia for everyone.

79. Lifesavers With Pride - Proud Beaches make Stronger Communities
Lifesavers with Pride work with Surf Life Saving Australia to create a more inclusive, progressive and welcoming life saving culture that embraces the LGBTIQ community, both as members and new recruits.  We also keep the beaches safe by ensuring that each and every surf club is a proud surf club, and that they are safe places for all of us, where we can be ourselves without fear or favour.  The ocean doesn't discriminate and neither should we.

80. British Consulate General Sydney - Rainbow Britain
The British High Commission and Consulates in Australia alongside our partners, family and friends come together to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and pride in our workplaces. We are excited to participate in Mardi Gras for the first time to celebrate our commitment to creating work environments that are accepting, safe, respectful and empowering for everyone. We are committed to promoting equality for our LGBTIQ+ communities in Australia and the UK and believe it is all about #pridenotprejudice.

81. Anmesty International NSW LGBTQI Network - What Matters?  Each and Every One of Us
This year Amnesty is campaigning for an Australian Human Rights Act as a much fairer solution to the Religious Freedom debate. Rainbow Amnesty are campaigning to ban conversion practices. We continue to campaign for Rainbow activists at risk around the world. We work together because all around the world people face intimidation, persecution, and in some cases fatal violence, because of their gender identity, sexual orientation or intersex characteristics. Join Amnesty International to campaign against these human rights abuses because each and every one of us matter.

82. The Oz Fag Hags Present: Love Transcends
The space travelers and gayliens from the planet ‘Oz Fag Hags’, a futurist utopia where all love is equal, are traveling to Mardi Gras 2020 bringing with them the message that Love Transcends!

83. Woolworths
Woolies’ Proud Crowd are Woolworths Group pride network members, from stores and support offices across the country.

84. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir - Enriching community through song
At the start of the 29th year of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, we our continuing to celebrate community, inclusivity and unity.  Our float is a Eurovision esq entry using songs over the past 70 years. The Eurovision Song Contest speaks to us as a community that supports each other,  revels in diversity & has music as the cornerstone of the community, much like the choir's values. We are doing a four month homage of Eurovision culminating in our Eurovision concert in May this year.

85. Transport for NSW - Get on Board
At Transport, our diversity is a key strength of who we are, and to deliver the best outcomes we can it’s vital that our workforce truly represents the communities and customers we serve. Transport for NSW is a workplace that values inclusivity with an active LGBTQI ally network, putting our people are at the heart of everything we do.

86. Sydney Queer Irish - 10 years in Oz - There’s no place like home!
In 2020 Sydney Queer Irish celebrate a decade of creating a community and a sense of home away from home for the Irish diaspora in Australia. We acknowledge the courage of all LGBTQI+ immigrants.

87. Gay Pride Australia - Land DownUnder
Our float will have a giant foam rusty red Australia map in the center, We have a cast of 20 Queens/Kings who'll be dressed as Aussie icons, and our choreographed dancers, wearing GPA Tank top and squien hot pants.

“What matters to us is that we all remember that life is sweet - and we hope this message resonates with anyone that has been going through a rough time, possibly aiding the decline of mental health depression, and suicide of all ages. We welcome every member of our rainbow community to join our parade and march, every size, shape, age, ability, colour, race, sexual preference, gender… Our float represents us all, we are all of value, and all a part of the community.”

89. CUB: Yak Brewing – We Are Family
Starting its inception as “LAGER” (Lesbian and Gay Everyone Respected) the CUB Pride network and Ally’s are excited to be members of this year’s Mardi Gras for the second year. Carlton & United Breweries are proud to stand with their employees, customers and consumers to advocate for Everyone Respected Equally, but a loud Yak and dash of rainbow makes it a little bit more fabulous.

90. Shellharbour Shag-Harders - Body Positivity in the Queer Community
Spreading the message of body positivity in the queer community as EVERYONE should be able to feel empowered by their own body. We are a diverse group of people with bodies of all shapes and sizes, and we don't know a single person who isn't affected by self image and the pressures of societal norms. The message of body positivity always has and always WILL matter to us. It’s a message that is relevant to everyone and anyone, and so we hope that our group will inspire the Sydney community and beyond to love themselves.

91. NUAA - NSW Users and AIDS Association: People Who Use Drugs Matter - Community Love matters
NUAA as an organisation exists because of love. Love for the work we do and love for our community. Love is what matters most to our community of people who use drugs and if we can make this the narrative for even one night then we have brought about positive change. The community of people who use drugs are highly stigmatised and marginalised. We want to provide a counterpoint to the tired old reporting that suggests PWUD are problems in society. Changing this narrative, even for one night, is important to NUAA as we seek to advance the rights, health, and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly in NSW.

92. NSW Teachers Federation - It's our time!
What Matters is that all Teachers in NSW Public Schools can come to work each day and be themselves in a safe and supported environment. They should always feel a strong part of any team and feel safe to speak up with things occur that make them feel uncomfortable. What matters is that everyone is accepted in their workplace and every person feels known, valued and cared for every day.

93. Unions NSW - Union Pride: Always Fighting For What Matters
Showcasing that unions fight for what matters for everyday working people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are choosing to showcase the everyday workers in our float to show that we are all part of a community working to better the rights of LGBTQIA+ at work and in society.

94. Sydney Opera House - THE HOUSE OF LOVE
Celebrating the importance of art, culture and expression to help create positive change in our communities. The Opera House's mission is "to inspire and strengthen the community, through everything we do", so in this year's Parade we rejoice that everyone who worked, performed, and visited the Opera House proudly played starring role in being a powerful voice for inclusion, celebration and love.

95. Sydney World Pride 2023 - Winning Bid Team
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has won our bid for Sydney to host WorldPride 2023. This means Sydney will become the first destination in the Southern Hemisphere to host WorldPride, the marquee international LGBTQI pride event. WorldPride 2023 will coincide with the 45th anniversary of the first Mardi Gras Parade and the 50th Anniversary of the first Australian Gay Pride Week.

96. Trikone Australasia - Trikone Queer South Asians
Trikone Australasia represents the South Asian Queer population of Australia. With this year's parade entry theme, ‘Being Yourself Matters’, the float brings the vibrancy, colour and pride of the entire diaspora of South Asian cultures to the parade. Get yourself prepared to shake a leg and more at these bollywood tunes.

97. Chinese LGBTQI Community - For AI
As the only LGBTQI float group in Chinese community, this is the fifth time we join Mardi Gras Pride Parade. 'For Ai' has been adopted as our entry title since 2018. ‘Ai' is the pronunciation of ‘love’ in Mandarin. The simple combination of two languages built an interesting and meaningful connection over the distance of geography and difference of culture.

98. Runway Movement
We are a diverse group of queer people of colour located in Brisbane. Our aim is closing the gap from indigenous and first nation cultures to western ideologies and how we identify amongst these binaries of gender. We aspire to initiate platforms and projects for our community to represent through art, music, dance and all forms of expression. Its empowering them to remove the fear that it is ok to be visible and to celebrate the diversity in YOU.

99. Selamat Datang Indonesian Community: Diverse Cultures - One Community
Highlighting some of the many diverse cultures that LGBTI Indonesians belong to but they all come together as one to march proudly in support of the LGBTI community in Indonesia. We Stand Proud And March As One Community.

100. 350 Pacific - Our Homes, Our Culture, Our People Matter
We are queer Indigenous and First Nations people from across Australia and the Pacific. We are a representation of the many of us, at the frontline of the Climate Crisis and the fight to preserve and protect our homes, our culture and our people. We deserve to do more than survive. We deserve to thrive!

101. Asian Marching Boys & Friends - WILD! Hear Us Roar Louder & Louder
What Matters for The Asian Marching Boys and Friends is our community. We march every year as an opportunity for our voice to be heard and raise awareness of who we are as a group and individuals within.

102. Party Passport - Territory Rainbow
What matters to us is that our regional voice is heard and seen and that all the colours of the NT are celebrated. The Northern Territory has one of Australia's largest rural rainbow communities. Our 2020 Mardi Gras float will be a celebration of our regional & remote LGBTQIA+ community ensuring that our voices are heard and all our colours are seen.

103. Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW- Fierce Voices - Living Strong Through Acts of Radical Support for Each Other and Selves
Twenty10 provides housing, mental health, counselling and social support for LGBTIQA+ young people, aged 12-25. Like the 78ers and other activists, LGBTIQA+ young people today are stronger together, sharing emotional muscle to support themselves and each other through radical acts of self care. They draw from their own resilience to support each other in the face of disapproval and incomplete human rights. How can they act alone and together so they are strong in the face of adversity and have their voices heard?  What strengths observed in our virtual worlds and realities can we harness for the real world.

104. QLife - Everyone Matters!
Everyone matters and everyone's experience matters! No matter where you are in Australia or where you fit under the LGBTIQA+ rainbow, we are all valuable parts of the community and Qife’s peer supporters are here for you every night of the year right around this glorious country of ours! No matter where you are, you can reach out to our QLife Peer Supporters by phone, webchat or email any day of the year from 3pm to midnight! 1800184527 or qlife.org.au.

105. Flagcom and Friends: In the Beginning - Flagcom and Friends 10th year Anniversary with Mardi Gras
Flagcom is celebrating its 10th year involvement with Mardi Gras parade and 10 years of fabulous Transgender pageant and variety shows dedicated to the LGBTQi community. This year, our theme is In the Beginning where we reflect the 10 years of promoting safe sex, social cohesion and harmony in the community. This year like any other year, our Mardi Gras International Queen winner and her consort is representing our float and she automatically becomes Flagcom's Ambassador in the community.

106. Sydney Convicts RUFC - Go Forward
Sydney Convicts Rugby Union Club are proud of members of the LGBTQI community. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we continue to work with our partners to break down stereotypes and tackle homophobia. What matters to us is that everybody feel likes a champion in their own right, as we march, dance and cheer to our fabulous theme of ‘Going Forward’.

107. Pride in Rugby – Australian gay and inclusive rugby clubs
For the first time, all Australian Gay and Inclusive Rugby teams are here at Mardi Gras. The Melbourne Chargers, Perth Rams and Brisbane Hustlers are proud to welcome the emerging Adelaide Sharks and the Melbourne Chargers Women’s team, who will be the first Australian team to compete in the Bingham Cup in Ottawa, Canada. Supported by our friends from grassroots rugby, gay referees and elite national players, we’re here to show you that rugby is the inclusive code.

108. Bingham Cup - Bidding for Bingham 2022
Our entry promotes the Australian bid to host the world championship of Gay and Inclusive Rugby, the Bingham Cup, in 2022. The Brisbane Hustlers have prepared a bid to host the tournament in partnership with the Australian Gay and Inclusive Rugby Community. We're competing on the world stage to host the world's largest rugby tournament, and of course it's the LGBTQ community who do it bigger, better and bolder than the rest.

109. University of Sydney - The Heart of the Matter
2020 marks the fifth year the University of Sydney has joined the festivities on Oxford Street. This year, our float embodies the theme: The heart of the matter. We’re an institution characterised by diversity and inclusion and Mardi Gras is the perfect time for our students and staff to celebrate the LGBTIQ community and proclaim our values.

110. Out for Australia - Your Queer Career
What matters to Out For Australia is creating a sense of community for LGBTIQ students and professionals. Allowing everyone to bring there whole selves to work every day. Our float will promote building professional relationships and joining in on our online mentoring platform.

111. Rainbow Labor NSW - Equality matters
We’re proud to keep fighting for a fairer Australia, because equality matters. Rainbow Labor has been fighting for equality for years, and this float will identify our wins. From Marriage Equality to Same Sex Adoption, to the abolition of the gay panic defense and inclusion of sexuality in anti-discrimination protections.

112. Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club - An apology to Mother Earth
The climate crisis is something we cannot ignore whether we’re gay, straight or anywhere in between. As Dragon Boaters, we use Sydney Harbour regularly and see first hand the effect that pollution is having on our beautiful waters and are conscious of rising waters and what this will do to our city.

113. The Gender Centre - Family Matters: Trans Forming families
An amazing mix of trans inclusive families from across the nation walking together to show their love, unity and to emphasise that family does indeed matter.

114. Powerhouse Museum - Step into Paradise
The Step into Paradise float is a celebration of nature and a reminder to cherish and care for our earth. Designed by creative director Hugh O’Connor in collaboration with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson, the float design harnesses Jenny and Linda’s passionate environmental advocacy. For Jenny and Linda, the earth inspires everything they do, physically, creatively and spiritually. Bringing these ideas to life, Jenny and Linda’s iconic flora and fauna motifs are featured alongside the concept of the universal goddess.

115. Positive Life NSW - HIV: Hidden in Plain Sight
Our theme highlights the diversity of people living with HIV (PLHIV) hidden in plain sight. This includes all of us who live hidden in plain sight due to shame or fear of prejudice if we disclose our HIV status, women living with HIV, trans and gender diverse individuals living with HIV, Indigenous PLHIV, gay and bisexual men, and men who have sex with men from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It also includes people who haven’t tested for HIV and don’t know they live with HIV remaining hidden in plain sight.

116. Rainbow Butterfly Gold Coast
“I just want to show my beautiful butterfly costumes. I like butterflies. They are not only beautiful but also harmless. Rainbow Butterfly is not only the symbol of love, freedom and change and it is also the symbol of  the LGBTQI.”

117. PHANTOM – Representing the Pansexual Community
Pansexuals are an often forgotten, unrecognised and under-represented part of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Pansexuality is a valid orientation in its own right. Pansexuals are real and we are Human. It’s time for Pansexuals to be given recognition, validity, understanding, visibility and inclusion. PHANTOM is that voice of advocacy and activism, proudly marching for all pansexuals one step at a time.

118. Gay Aged Gap Relationships Queensland
We are representing daddies and sons in a gay aged gap relationship. Through the representation of daddies and sons, we are hoping to show that Love is Love and what matters is that we should be able to love whoever we want, age and race is no barrier. This is why the older partner's costume is half Indigenous, and the other half Pride with Daddy written on the back, with the younger partner's costume is half Egyptian and the half pride with Son written on the back.

119. Kye Keen - Open And Out
Kye Keen is an up and coming LGBTQIA+ musician based in Sydney who’s music and project open and out aims to normalise the idea of being gay lifting stigmas allowing people to feel comfortable being themselves and we hope our float reflects that goal.

120. Amazon – Glamazon: Unbox the Love
Glamazon is the LGBTQI+ affinity group for Amazon. Amazon’s float is a celebration of sharing your authentic, original, and best self with the world.

121. headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
headspace provides early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, with 110 centres across Australia in metropolitan, regional and remote areas, as well as online and phone support services through eheadspace. headspace can help young people with mental health, physical health (including sexual health) alcohol and other drug services, and work and study support.

122. University of Technology Sydney - UTS celebrates intersectionality
UTS is committed to driving social change within and beyond campus. This Mardi Gras we are showcasing our commitment to working together in the face of climate crisis and thinking intersectionally on how our LGBTIQA+ communities on campus work to save and preserve this beautiful country.

123. DIY Rainbow - The Golden Girls Float
DIY Rainbow is a Sydney based community group that chalks rainbows for equality and has been producing Mardi Gras Floats for 7 years. This year we turn our eyes to a tribute and celebration of the trailblazing 1980s sitcom, The Golden Girls! The show consistently addressed LGBT issues where, at the time, there was little to no visibility of positive queer relationships on TV. Also, we love dressing up! Tonight we celebrate with a simple message - thank you for being a friend.

124. NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby - Equality Is What Matters
The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby has been fighting for social and legal equality for over 30 years. Equality is what matters - from marriage, to workplace rights, to access to education and healthcare.

125. Harvey Milk Foundation - Hope Matters! Hope is Universal and hope will Never be silent!
The Harvey Milk Foundation has been a leading global LGBTQ rights advocacy organisation supporting struggling and emerging LGBT communities across the globe. We have supported LGBTQ pride marches around the world.

126. ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs
Pride in Diversity, Pride in Health + Wellbeing and Pride in Sport assist Australian employers with the inclusion of LGBTQ employees in workplaces, sporting organisations and health services. With 300+ member organisations, ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ people by reducing exclusion, invisibility, homophobia and stigma through employer training and consulting. This year we will be celebrating 10 years of Pride in Diversity.

127. South Australia Mardi Gras - What Matters? South Australia is Here and still VERY Queer.
We will be displaying our own individual characters and unique looks to show the world we might be in a tiny part of Australia, but we still matter. We have a very mixed bag in our community. Being a versatile state, we have many people from many backgrounds. We also have many various types of groups from nude guys club to Darts on a Friday night at the local. We have BDSM groups to yoga classes.

128. Sydney Gaymers - It's Dangerous To Go Alone!
Sydney Gaymers returns once more to the parade with a homage to an iconic phrase from video game history. We chose this theme to show that solidarity is a means of survival, of evolution, and transformation. ‘It's Dangerous to Go Alone!’ at its heart is about banding together with your community and celebrating what makes us unique. What matters to us is tackling the queer experience of loneliness by acting as a shining beacon for those who feel disconnected from their own community.

129. Queer Screen - EVOLVE, EMERGE, FLY
Queer Screen is Australia's largest queer film community organisation.  Volunteers come together with a united call to adventure to celebrate queer film and thank the public for their support.

130. SBS
SBS is proud to be the broadcast partner, bringing the Mardi Gras parade to Australian TV screens, for the fifth year running, not only on television, but also on SBS Radio, online and on SBS On Demand.

131. NIDA Camp Committee (LGBT Student Group) - All the World's a Stage
The students of the National Institute of Dramatic art pay tribute to what matters to them - the ability and freedom to tell their own stories. In our learning, we place great value in collaborative creative practice; every year our play production seasons feature the efforts of students from many disciplines, working together to achieve a show.

132. Witches, Warlocks and whatsoever’s - Casting Spells Against Religious Freedom
In order to banish the heinous ‘Religious Freedom Act’ we are calling on our dark and demonic queer ancestors of centuries ago to come forth and show us some bold dance moves and spells of compassion! Using curses, hexes and rituals we will expel all self-righteousness, piousness and impunity!

133. Turing Circle - LGBTQIA+ Scientists & Engineers
Our aim is to connect LGBTQIA+ professionals and students engaged in STEM in Australia. We do this by hosting monthly socials in Sydney and Melbourne and also hosting talks to address issues which LGBTQIA+ individuals in STEM faces.

134. Canned Fruit Parties - Clean Up In Aisle 4!
Sydney’s juiciest queer party is spreading the ‘gay agenda’ far and wide, starting at your local supermarket aisle - because LGTBQ+ folk should feel safe being their gorgeous selves in ALL spaces! If you haven't checked out a Canned Fruit party yet, expect a delicious dose of drag + dance floor ditties!

135. The Forbidden Fruits
Family and friends from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and sexual backgrounds.  As LGBTQI people of colour we are viewed as ‘Forbidden Fruits’ not only within our own ethnic communities but in wider society.  Despite this, we are still proud of who we are and where we come from and believe that it is important to be able to live your truth, not only for yourself but for all of those who do not have the freedom and opportunity to be themselves.  We hope to be an inspiration to them.

136. Oceanic Pups and Handlers - The Doghouse at the End of the Universe
Our float is a play on the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Since this is the 42nd Mardi Gras, and the answer to life, the universe and everything is also 42, we had to jump on that. With members of the puppy play community from all over the world, we wanted to make some tongue-in-cheek homage to Deep Thought, as well as showcase our community.

137. Street Roller Hockey Chicks Club - We've Bin Chicken You Out
The rag-tag bunch are once again paying homage to their street roots, buy scrounging through the trash to bring you the most garbage float on Oxford Street. This sustainable float is made of fully recycled material and rolls down the street as the humble bin chicken, flanked by garbage bins and hot bangers.

138. NSW Liberal Party - Liberal Friends of the LGBTIQ+ Community
A float of Liberal Party members and supporters who are keen to show their support for the advancement of LGBTIQ+ rights. We plan to have our proud members partying and dancing with colourful corflutes of our LGBTQI+ members of parliament.

139. Vodafone - Connect With Love
What matters to Vodafone is helping people “Connect with Love”. It’s about enabling people all around the nation to have the freedom and opportunity to connect with who they are, their loved ones and their communities regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

140. CAMP-BERRA QUEENS CAPITAL - 40 Years Strong and Proud
Butterfly wings, lights and sound. Sparkle and fly around!

141. Fetish Australia - Kink 4 Life
Kink 4 Life is organised by Fetish Australia. It has been coordinated by current and recent fetish titleholders around Australia. The float is made up of kinksters going against the censorship of kink, sex and the dominant/submissive dynamic.

142. Ozfurs - Furries At Work
Furries can be Anyone! Furries are Everywhere! Celebrating the diversity of the greater Furry community and the amazing connections we have made with furry friends all over the world.

143. Bobby Goldsmith Foundation - What Matters for People Living With HIV
We partner.  We empower. You thrive. We’re here to help people living with HIV to live longer, healthier lives.  We’re here to advocate with and for our clients.  And we’re here to make positive changes in our communities to help end HIV stigma.

144. Mercury Phoenix Trust
Founded by Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen, with manager Jim Beach, in honour of Freddie Mercury funding projects on the Global Battle of HIV/AIDS. Starting the annual Freddie For A Day in Australia in 2011..with donations going to the AIDS Trust Of Australia with Hard Rock Cafe.

145. Country Queens
We are Country Queens, walking together holding hands.

146. I Just Want To Be Me
In an elaborate costume for the Parade!

147. Sydney Airport - Aircraft and people movement at Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport celebrates 100 years of being part of the fabric of this city and we’re excited to participate in our first Mardi Gras this year. We value diversity and we’re committed to building an inclusive community for the 33,000 people working at the airport, our passengers and our neighbours. We’re focused on making Sydney proud every day.

The TAFE NSW entry celebrates both a community message that "Love is Love and an environmental message to "Love Insect Kind" in this time of unprecedented mass extinctions, this is what matters to us!

149. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association
Established in 1981, The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association was the first LGBTIQ Business Association in Australia. It evolved from the need for a safe place for LGBTIQ business people to meet like-minded professionals during a time when being LGBTIQ was still a criminal offence in New South Wales. This is the first time the Association has participated in the parade.

150. Point Clare Families - Community Matters
We are a group of families who predominantly live in Point Clare, Tascott and Koolewong on the Central Coast. We have same sex parented, opposite sex parented, foster parent and single parent families. Regardless of our family structures, we want to raise openminded, accepting and confident kids. Our kids identify as a range of genders and sexualities and are aged 5-15. To us, community matters.

151. SPARKle - Supporting Parents and Rainbow Kids Canberra - Everyone has SPARKle. Everyone belongs.
Highlighting our queer SPARKleing Indigenous and People of Colour matters. Providing support to those queer people who are isolated, matters. Allies that support our community matters. Rainbows matter. Zaniness matters. The 1980s matter. SPARKle matters.

152. Bravehearts
Bravehearts (formerly Scotsboyz) is a group dedicated to the LGBTQI Scottish ex-pats now making Australia their home. We’re Scots, part Scot, friends or family of Scots, or just love people in kilts! We’re here to share the love and spread the message of inclusion. We welcome anyone that wants to help us wave the Scottish flag, loudly and proudly.

153. Sydney Spokes Cycle Club - Swooped
Sydney Spokes Inc is a social cycling club for the LGBTQI community. Tonight we are a group of swooping magpies chasing cyclists! A magpie's attacking protectiveness during nesting season represent many of the unfounded fears and threats LGBTI people have long had to face. As a group we can find strength in numbers. Moving forward as one we find courage against those who would perceive us as threat.

154. City Gym - Strengthening Equality
Since 1978 City Gym witnessed the LGBTQIA community’s struggle first-hand. Frustrated at the blatant discrimination and homophobia, City Gym has fearlessly endeavored to create a safe haven that would become a meeting place for all people of all cultures, sexuality and gender identities.

155. Melbourne2020 IGLA, Summer together Down Under!
International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics was hosted by Melbourne this year and we want to showcase how diverse and inclusive water sports can be.

156. Melbourne Surge Water Polo Inc. - Connections matter - Just add water
In 2020 Melbourne Surge bands together again in a true show of sisterhood with the Sydney Stingers - this time with the backdrop of the IGLA  competition. Marching close by with other Aquatic floats with a fabulous theme to show, we're proving that connections do matter - all you need is water.

157. Sydney Stinger Water Polo
The Sydney Stingers will be proudly dancing our way up Oxford St once again with our friends from Melbourne Surge. We have a fabulous and colourful theme to celebrate IGLA 2020.

158. Wett Ones Swimming Club Inc. - #swim4mentalhealth
Dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of swimming to positive mental health. The alarming statistics of mental health issues within the LGBTQI+ community is no secret and many of our members have experienced mental health issues themselves. Because of this, our #swim4mentalhealth theme will highlight the health benefits of swimming, of our team and family club environment and encourage participation by those with an interest in getting fit and improving their wellbeing.

159. Brisbane Tritons
The Brisbane Tritons are an LGBTIQ inclusive water polo club from Queensland. The Tritons played at the international IGLA competition in Melbourne just before coming to Mardi Gras. This year they're wearing what matters to them printed on their backs.

160. Salesforce - VISIBLE, VOCAL and PROUD
VISIBLE through colour, VOCAL through movement, PROUD through inclusion. Salesforce celebrates the roaring 20's. A giant white gramophone sits high in the Parade as the ultimate symbol for voice, change and freedom of expression.

161. Black Dog Institute - Every Brain Matters
Black Dog Institute is bringing to light mental health in Australia. Mental illness affects everyone from all walks of life, Black Dog Institute recognises that together we can bring mental health into the light and together destigmatise and remove the prejudice around a nation-wide illness.

162. My People | My Tribe - Rainbow Kingdom
Together we are a diverse rainbow tribe sent to earth as community heroes to protect and serve our queer kingdom!

163. Rainbow Recovery Club - Recovery Matters! 
Rainbow Recovery Club aim to show visibility to the wider community that there is a solution to those struggling with addictions.

164. Kirketon Road Centre - Health for all...because all matter
The KRC outreach vehicle along with KRC clients and staff will be participating in the 2020 parade - health and human rights matter. We are nurses, counsellors, doctors, admin staff, health education officers and members of the Consumer Participation Group.

165. Central Coast Pride - Coastal Twist Festival
Central Coast has had an incredible 12 months in terms of a social inclusion growth spurt for the region. The 2019 Coastal Twist festival brought national attention to the region for all the right reasons!  With a predicted 1,500-2,000 expected at their Unique ‘Coastal Twist ‘Diversity festival they more than tripled that figure with close to 7,000 people across the October long weekend.

166. Jopuka Productions - Our Voices Matter
The Central Coast’s leading youth theatre company celebrates its history of presenting, highlighting and platforming emerging young LGBTQIA+ voices from their regional community. Jopuka will never stop fighting for the voices of its young people, and will proudly stand by them in this march.

167. MinterEllison
Discover our legal and consulting services for your industry. What Matters is people are ready whenever you need us.

168. Community Action for Rainbow Rights - Homos Against ScoMo
We’re protesting the Religious Discrimination Bill and the homophobic and transphobic agenda of the Morrison Government - with our “Homos Against ScoMo” and "No Pride in Detention" t-shirts

169. NSW Universities Queer Collective - No Pride In Religious Exemptions: Support Students Now!
We’ll be chanting and marching in unison various chants and slogans addressing the issue of the Religious Exemptions Bill that seeks to grant religious institutions the right to fire or expel Queer students and teachers. Our music will include the University of Sydney Marching Band.”

170. Refugee Action Coalition - No Pride in Detention
Our float is a show of solidarity and resistance against homophobic and anti-refugee policies alike. The Morrison government continues to systematically deny refugee rights through detention, deportations and temporary visas that keep people in a desperate state of limbo. Queer people who come to Australia fleeing persecution are disproportionately affected by these policies. We march to demonstrate our continued resistance.

171. The Glitter Babes - Love Has No Gender
We are a celebration of the diversity that Australians have come to recognize.  We thank all those who have fought for inclusion and we honor their journey.  Our presence in Mardi Gras 2020 is a recognition of those who have gone before us and those who will come after us.  There is still much to do.

172. PROUD Capital Queers - Capital Queers
Pride Matters. Being able to be proud of yourself, who you are, your community and your life. Capital Queers wants to celebrate our 10th time in the Mardi Gras Parade by shining a light on every part of community and what makes each and every one of us proud – of our sexuality, of us as individuals, as LGBTIQ Canberrans.

173. Trans Glamoré
Trans Glamoré is a monthly night to celebrate transgender performers and friends on Oxford Street. We express our ourselves through performance, and will be wearing our fabulous costumes.

174. Reason Australia - Love is the Reason
Reason Australia is a political party led by Fiona Patten MP. It matters to Reason that hard-fought equal rights are not overturned by an increasingly conservative, homophobic and authoritarian government. We say that love is the reason to stand up for our rights and the reason to be proud. No one should ever be treated differently because of their gender, sex or sexuality - which is the political reality of the Religious Discrimination Bill. We know that these laws will give people the right to discriminate. We’re shouting with all our might - the right to discriminate should NEVER exist.

175. Australian LGBTQI Sex Workers & Allies - Soliciting Solidarity
We are soliciting national and global solidarity for the decriminalisation of sex work, the creation of anti-discrimination protections, and the prevention of violence and other harms against our community. Sex workers are part of the LGBTIQ community, and we are marching proudly in solidarity with the rest of our extended rainbow family, including those most marginalised by systemic racism, sexism, and colonialism. Sex work is work, and sex work is queer! We are ready to kiss sex work stigma goodbye.

176. Le Petit Bateau art collective - The Ark
We are a bunch of artists coming from all around the world, with different backgrounds and life stories but all concerned by the same existential questions. We are part of regular Art shows, build art installation, write and play music, perform, cook and love to meet new people. Our collective found support through the creative agency called Arcade, which produce all our show in Australia and around the world.

177. The Institute of Many - Building the U=U revolution
Undetectable = Untransmittable, (or U=U) is a revolution in the way our community responds to HIV. It means people living with HIV whose viral load has been suppressed to undetectable levels cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners. The Institute of Many is building the U=U revolution to make sure that it includes everyone; not only people with HIV but our HIV negative partners, our allies, our friends and families.

178. ABC Pride - You Are What Matters: Diversity, Acceptance and Inclusion
The ABC Pride float shows that YOU are what matters. What matters is inclusiveness.  What matters is community.  What matters is love.

179. Melbourne Marching Girls say “We haven’t come this far, to only go this far”
We march to be visible in acknowledging the lives of LGBTQI women. This time, we will be paying tribute to the extraordinary and courageous Anne Lister (1791-1840) (Halifax landowner, diarist)  Before The Suffragettes, Gay Liberation, De-criminalisation and Marriage Equality, Lister lived a life uncompromisingly true to herself, even inventing a ‘marriage’ and living with her ‘wife’, the equally courageous Ann Walker.

180. Sydney Frontrunners: a home for absolutely everybody
Sydney Frontrunners has been a vocal and proud LGBTIQ+ sports club since 1983. We welcome people of all running abilities; you can be a beginner, experienced runner, recreational or competitive athlete.

181. Harbour City Bears - 1 inch at a time
The Bears are breaking barriers 1” at a time. We are poised to break through like a wrecking ball, but we also have to recognise the small changes happening within the bear community that create big changes.

182. Dublin Bears Ireland
Dublin Bears Ireland reach out in friendship and solidarity to our brothers in the Australian Bears and the broader LGBT+ Community. To wish everyone a Céad Méile Fáilte from Béar Féile and Dublin Pride 2020!

183. Studio Kink with The Sydney Leather & Fetish Association - Kink - Loud & Proud
We represents the importance and transition of kink and its acceptance in the wider community. Being Loud & Proud and out of the closet in our kink lifestyles allows us to celebrate the full rainbow of sexuality, gender diversity and kink identity. Like being in the closet for our sexuality in the past, and winning the right to same sex marriage, this float celebrates the ability to march with pride as part of our kink identification and community.

184. The Star
As an Official Partner, The Star Sydney has been a loud and proud supporter of Mardi Gras since 2016. With over 4,500 team members, and attracting an average of 30,000 guests per day, The Star is committed to providing a welcoming environment that allows our staff and guests to shine bright. Be your best self at The Star.

185. Australian Asexuals - We Belong: Keeping the A in LGBTQIA+
“Representation matters. Acceptance matters. Community matters. The LGBT community has come so far since the parade started, the asexual community is not in that place. We are just starting out as a movement. We are still finding our place. A large majority of people don't know what it means to be asexual, and that includes people that are asexual. Instead those people are wondering why they don't fit in and why the world doesn't make sense. Then they find out what asexuality is and suddenly there is a name for it and a community. Those people, that's what matters.”

186. The P.I.N.K. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O.S. (aka The Politically Inspired, Non-violent, Kind & Fabulous LGBTQI+ & Allies Marching In Notorious Group Of Satirists) - The Bare-arsed Truth: Feeding the Climate Crisis
Nothing else matters to us more than the capacity of the Earth to sustain life, and our summer this year has tragically highlighted the need for immediate action to address the climate crisis. The P.I.N.K. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O.S., in our own satirical way, aim to highlight how we all are contributing to a warmer, more inhospitable environment. We hope that it will inspire into action our governments, businesses, communities, families and individuals to practically address this climate emergency, now. This is the “Bare-Arsed Truth!” We hope you are listening!

187. Colours of Our Community celebrates Equality and Diversity and LGBTQI Love
Local artist Markham Lane founded ‘Colours of Our Community’ in 2006 as an art project. Inspired by the costumes of local legend Ron Muncaster, our Group celebrates diversity; equality and LGBTQI love through our costumes, with participants from local, interstate and international destinations. In 2020 we parade for our third time and this year, we are all QUEENS with a crown, in 8 colour groups to match the original 1978 Rainbow Freedom Flag created in San Francisco by Gilbert Baker.

188. Life Without Barriers is actively inclusive and encouraging of everyone to be themselves and to SHINE BRIGHT!
WHAT MATTERS to Life Without Barriers is our Values and fostering diversity and inclusion. Our participation and parade float will show how we encourage our staff, carers and clients to be themselves and to SHINE BRIGHT. We are committed to our role in influencing the community and know that people feel included if they are valued and respected for being themselves.

The Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020: Live Stream will be available to watch here from Saturday, 29th February 2020 at 07:30 PM.

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