• Change of heart? Spida Everett, Jacqui Lambie, and Steve. (SBS)Source: SBS
Jacqui Lambie, Spida Everitt and Steve all went in to the show with hardline views on Australia's refugee policies. This is what they are saying now.
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4 Oct 2018 - 10:16 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2018 - 10:17 PM

Jacqui Lambie

"We need to get this right, and we're not getting it right."


"We've got to take control of who comes into this country, and we've go to look after our own backyard first."


"If there's one thing that's certainly in my mind, we need to make sure that we keep the prioritisation up, and those people that are most at risk of losing their lives, or those people, you know, those minorities - they need to be first and foremost processed and be brought out from any war zone as quickly as possible. There's no doubt about that.

"The discussion [about accepting more refugees] needs to be on the political table. Enough of this duck-shoving, we need to get this right, and we're not getting it right."

Spida Everitt

"I was pretty much ill informed to be honest." 


“The main problem for me is Sudanese gangs ... If a refugee commits a crime you send the whole family back as that will deter them from committing a crime.”


"When you start to see situations like this, and you talk to people involved and actually see it for yourself, you start totally understanding that... you don't want to be around here for too long."

"Look, I was pretty much ill informed to be honest. To see what I've been able to experience, you wouldn't wish to send any family back to a refugee camp. You know, you kind of look now and say it's inhumane, a lot of this area. It's heartbreaking... I think the whole trip itself, seeing the food drop, coming here and seeing the birthing suite, the ladies, they're no different, they're so family-orientated, and their culture definitely doesn't say, you know, gangs and fighting - that's not a part of their culture one little bit.

"People say you've got to live it to believe it, and sometimes that's what you have to do."


"I definitely think we should probably do more."


"The sovereign borders policy, in my eyes, is working.... There are a lot of people who don't deserve to come to Australia. In fact, there are a lot of people who don't deserve to BE in Australia."


On whether he thinks Feras deserves to come to Australia: "If it protected his young children, realistically, with his family at home [in Australia] ... you would probably accept that it is the best place for him.

"I definitely think we should probably do more, but it is the way we do it." 

"I think I've changed a little bit, but I'm still concerned. I look after the lower socio-economic group and there are some tough times there.

"I just see that there's too much emotion in the argument, and that's what's putting the left and the right in conflict... I don't want to disadvantage Australians for people here. Because there are both horrific conditions. There's a lot of suffering going on, 3000 people have died over there, this year alone."

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