• Only a man could have come up with a rule that limits hair appointments to a measly 30 minutes. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
“In a few weeks everyone’s real hair colour will be revealed”.
Zoe Victoria

25 Mar 2020 - 12:31 PM  UPDATED 26 Mar 2020 - 10:25 AM

Australian women were bemusedly sharing their reactions to new restrictions around hair cuts, after the announcement that hairdressers and barber shops will be allowed to remain open provided appointments do not exceed 30 minutes.

Some said they would struggle with the time limit. 

“Hairdressers only ok if in and out in 30 minutes = the men deciding this [sic] don’t want people laughing at their scruffy hair.” Another said, “A maximum of 30 minutes for hairdressers? So basically men only”. One added that the new restrictions meant “traditionally female beauty banned but not a quick traditionally male haircut”. 

Some commentators pointed out that the indefinite nature of the crisis means that nobody knows when these restrictions will be lifted.

And that means that many of us are going to have some tragic hair-dos in the meantime. One joked, “In a few weeks everyone’s real hair colour will be revealed”.

One woman said her “husband just offered to shave my head so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my roots done (in an impossible 30minutes) at the hairdresser!”

But many were embracing the challenge to go 'au naturel'. Social media users have embraced the challenge of trying to maintain their hair themselves instead of the relying on the professionals.

 “BOWL CUTS IT IS. MAKE IT WORK," one woman exclaimed. 

One woman shared that she was on day 12 of social isolation "and I keep wanting to cut isolation bangs". The upside is that even if they turn out badly, nobody will see them. 

Another said they were going to ditch the scissors for their haircut project, opting instead to cut it "mulan style". AKA, with a sword.

One woman resigned themselves to the reality that they'd be growing their hair out for the foreseeable future, with one user saying, "We can all have horrible hair and grey roots." 

And one was really committing to the at-home salon, saying, "I guess a cool lockdown activity will be seeing if I can bleach my own roots without making my hair fall out." 


Some joked that many Australians are blessed with genes that make it physically impossible to have their hair done in under 30 minutes.

And all this is without mentioning that none of us have ever been to a hair salon that was running on time.


Zoe Victoria is a freelance writer. You can follow her on Twitter @Zoe__V

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