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'Let Me Tell You' is a new SBS Voices podcast where eight Australians share the stories that shook them, and shaped who they are.
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15 Jun 2022 - 10:30 AM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2022 - 10:03 AM

How well do you think you know someone? What if your first impressions are all wrong? What if someone’s story is more surprising and more moving than you could have ever expected?

In Let Me Tell You, a new podcast from SBS Voices, hosts Caitlin Chang and Sarah Malik meet eight Australians with incredible real stories to tell.

In each episode our storytellers reveal, in their own voice, the choices that have led them to unexpected places. From a woman who uncovered a truth that was hidden in her family for generations to an academic who also works as a trolley boy, and a queer person grappling with leaving the church they grew up in; these stories will leave you hanging on to every word.

In episode one, dropping on June 15, we hear the story of Ala Paredes, who was a celebrity in the Philippines, working as a model, TV host and appearing on billboards, before moving to Australia to become a barista. While the change in lifestyle was a shock at first, the anonymity that came with her post-celebrity life led to a new-found freedom.

Episode two introduces listeners to writer Vicki Kyriakakis, whose parents made a heartbreaking sacrifice when she was two years old; and it’s a decision that has stayed with Vicky ever since.  

Other storytellers this season include Mark Mariano, Raidah Shah Idil, Benjamin Muir, Linda Augusto, Nadine Chemali and Lieu-Chi Nguyen. 

Each episode is full of honesty, warmth and vulnerability as guests share family stories that shook them, life events that shaped them and the difficulty - and power- of setting out on the road less travelled.

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