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Entries for the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition are now closed. See you in 2022 for next year's competition. 


SBS is proud to announce the release of 'Roots: Home is Who We Are' in partnership with publisher Hardie Grant.
Thinking of entering the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition? Consider this your cheat sheet.
"It's a lifelong job, but we're all experts on the human heart. That's the point of our lives - to understand and be understood."
This year, Behrouz Boochani is judging the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition alongside his friend, Wiradjuri writer Tara June Winch.
SBS Voices and Hardie Grant are giving you the chance to win one of 25 copies of the book Roots - Home is Who We Are: Voices from the SBS Emerging Writers’...

SBS Emerging Writers' Competition FAQs

Here's everything you need to know about the 2021 SBS Emerging Writers' Competition
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Writing about the one thing you want most

For me, the most important thing has always been validating my own hunger and desire - be it for food, sex, intellectual stimulation or love. There is never ‘enough’.

I write with a freedom I didn't have in my 20s

As I got older, I have managed to liberate myself more and more from the restrictions I grew up with. And sometimes, people will tell me that I am "so brave", or...
Having a sense of humour is a way of viewing life that blunts the sharpness of reality.
Writers are told to write like they are dead, but as a Muslim woman of colour that is something I struggle with.
“There’s so much going on in Aboriginal Australia. There’s so much to say, there’s a lot of ideas to put down and a lot of characters to bring into the public eye.”
For second-generation immigrants, inheriting the financial precarity associated with the life of a writer is more complicated than it seems.
Writing is not a choice. It’s self-imposed therapy that helped me unpack the fear and loneliness of being here and also of there.

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In this special episode Caitlin and Candice speak to journalist and SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition judge Behrouz Boochani. The author of 'No Friend but The...
In this first episode award-winning Wiradjuri author, Tara June Winch speaks to hosts Caitlin Chang and Candice Chung about the importance of creative...
Amy Duong spoke to SBS Voices commissioning editors Caitlin Chang and Candice Chung on the latest episode of The New Writer's Room about the process of writing...
"The hard part for me is wanting to tell stories to an audience that don't embarrass my family members."
Writing about the migrant experience is "one of the most important things I feel I've ever done or can do."

Read the winning entries from 2020

Of more than 2000 entries submitted to the inaugural Emerging Writers' Competition these are the top four prizewinning stories, as judged by Melissa Lucashenko and Benjamin Law.

SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition Winner: Alana Hicks.


How it feels to be a First Nations person inside a colonial education system
Emerging Writers’ Competition Highly Commended: Amy Duong.
Emerging Writers’ Competition Highly Commended: Nakul Legha.
Four winners have been chosen from thousands of entries into the inaugural SBS Emerging Writers' Competition. Read more about their writing journey and what...