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Thomas Wernberg (Private photo)

Interview with Dr Thomas Wernberg about The Great Southern Reef (in Danish language)

Mik Aidt
Published on
Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 19:29
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Dr Thomas Wernberg has a great passion for marine biology, which he enjoys being able to cultivate as an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the plant-biology school of Western Australia University in Perth. He hopes to see more people get acquainted with The Great Southern Reef, which is an economic powerhouse for Australia creating revenues in the range of $10 billion a year. 

→ Video:
Published on 14 January 2016 by The University of Western AustraliaMarine biologists from the University of Western Australias Oceans Institute have released a video that gives a poignant glimpse into the marvels of the little-known, economic powerhouse: The Great Southern Reef. 

→ Thomas Wernberg's Twitter account: 

→ Thomas Wernberg's research summary:

→ Paper on Great Southern Reef: The Great Southern Reef: social, ecological and economic value of Australias neglected kelp forests

→ The Australian Marine Conservation Society: 

→ The Conversation - 17. august 2015: Australias other reef is worth more than $10 billion a year - but have you heard of it?