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The photo of a two year old child with blackened teeth in a detention centre in Melbourne, has caught the eye of Victoria’s Children Commissioner, who now seeks to visit the facility and examine the wellbeing of the children held in detention.  

Published on
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 11:33
4 min 54 sec

Victoria’s Children Commissioner, Liana Buchanan is seeking access to a detention centre in Melbourne, after reports surfaced of a Tamil child that is experiencing gum disease.

Tharnicaa, the child in question, is two years old and has spent 15 months of her life in detention. She was born in Australia to Tamil parents and her family was moved to the centre when the parent’s bridge visas expired.

Advocate groups argue that Tharnicaa’s mother, Priya has requested several medical checks for her daughter’s teeth but received little response.  

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