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Want to live your dream? Plan and then take action.

Amy Chien-Yu Wang
Presented by
Vixay Vue
Published on
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 09:57
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The hit movie, “Bucket list”, inspired people around the world to pursue their passions. 

So what exactly is a bucket list and do you actually need one to live a meaningful life?

These days, people seem to think of a bucket list as majestic travel destinations and experiences.

But It’s about designing a meaningful and exciting life that’s more than our daily to do list.

A recent research by REST Industry Super found that 52 per cent of Australia’s over-55s actually have a retirement bucket list.

You can check out Spaghetti traveller's list to do here, to see how many you have done.

Bucket list coach Lee Blume explains that it should be somethings you really want to do, want to try, to learn, to experience before we can no longer do it and these things shouldn't have an expiry date.

Though different generations have different thought and ideas towards life are. Baby boomers tends to go to work everyday to provide for their families and so they feel accepted within society whereas millennial they don't wait but they take the plunge and take action.

If you ever find yourself getting lost in the realities of life, why not pause for a moment, pick up a pen and start uncovering your dreams?

Then plan time frame and take action. They can be in terms of personal development in growth, skills or doing something useful for communities and leaving a legacy behind or just go happy go lucky and having fun because life is too short.#

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