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(Contest winners, The Japan Foundation Sydney)

From Karoshi (death by overworking) to identity, the 24 finalists presented their speeches on diverse topics in Japanese at the 48th Japanese Language Speech Contest held in Sydney in October. 

Junko Hirabayashi
Published on
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 12:28
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The contest is the national final and has four divisions for participants to compete. This year, the 23 finalists who won the State/Territory Contest and one student representing New Zealand presented their Japanese skills.  In order to deliver the speeches to a wider audience, the contest went live on Facebook for the first time.

The winner of the Background Speaker Division is Yasmin Mills.  And Mark Watson won the first prize for the Open Division.  In the part two segment, you can listen to Yasmin and Mark’s interviews and speeches.

The High School Senior Division and Open Beginner Division are covered in the part one segment.


Prize Winners

<Background Speaker Division>

1st Yasmin Mills (MLC School, NSW) 


2nd Karin Ye (Methodist Ladies' College, VIC)


3rd Maria Saito (Queensland Academy for Health Sciences, QLD)

“Musical instruments and the human brain”

<Open Division>

1st Mark Watson (Monash University, VIC)

“The meaning of becoming a 'Shakaijin' ”

2nd Cynthia Tan (The Australian National University, ACT)


3rd Holly Huynh (University of Technology Sydney, NSW)

“Analysis of the Past and Present through Animation”