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Kie-min Kim, director of Korean Education Centre (SBS Korean Program)

Kie-min Kim, director of Korean Education Centre explains how Korean has taught in Australian school systems.

Leah Na
Published on
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 14:01
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71 primary and high schools around Australia teach Korean to their 8,621 students. Some of them have been learning Korean in their bilingual classes or Korean language classes and others sometimes choose Korean for their HSC exam. Students with Korean background usually maintain their parents’ native language at weekend school. It is believed that there are 51 Saturday Korean school operating in Australia and about 3,500 students attend there every weekend.

It is undistributed that Korean Education Centre has been contributing to widen Korean language program in Australia.

SBS Korean program talks to Kie-min Kim, new director of Korean Education Centre about the centre’s activity on Korean language program.

A full interview is available on podcast above.