A journalist kidnapped in Syria has reportedly been killed by jihadists. Islamic State claimed to have executed Foley in revenge for US air strikes against its...
A new set of female Lego figurines that include a scientist, an astronomer and a paleontologist have sold out around the world.
Andrew Bolt says he might reconsider flying Qantas after the airline painted one of its planes with a 'Recognise' slogan in support of the campaign for Indigenous...
This Thursday, from the dusty heat of the Australian outback, to the picturesque countryside in New Zealand, Adam Liaw shares his passion for all things food and travel.
Arabia's animals now live alongside a very modern society, but Arabia's people are now using technology to protect nature in the heart of oil country.
'La Conquista' - As Santanico tries to turn Richie to her cause, Seth, the Fullers and Sex Machine battle their way deeper into the temple.
Who are the people buying these films? What do they possibly get out of them? Do the people making them cry themselves to sleep at night?
Footballers around the world have been adding to the long list of celebrities soaking themselves in freezing liquid as part of the Internet phenomenon that is the "Ice...
There’s a mix of famous faces and newcomers in the diverse crop of Australian movies heading your way in the next six months. Here’s a guide to what and when.
Thursday: In the second stage of Shane’s odyssey, he travels to exotic and mysterious Turkey, creating a contemporary twist on Turkish flavours.
When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS ONE, SBS 2 and On Demand. Check here for specific screening details and online availability.
Undeterred by the lack of enthusiasm his burqa-inspired garments have attracted, Uncle Sam takes his halal fashion to the streets.
Actor Lisa McCune has a successful career on screen and stage, but the McCune name she’s made famous does not feature in her biological family tree.
You haven’t exercised in six weeks, you’ve been eating like a slob, yet somehow, you’re convinced that when you jump back on the bike, it'll all be fine. Sound...
Prue Hawkins is a 33-year-old lawyer and has been unemployed since February. Prue is looking for law jobs but says she’d work anywhere, but that's not always...
Therese wants to move to the more liberal Holland, but first she wants to try to convince Kevin to come along, so she visits him at the Real Humans Youth Camp.
One of Sydney's daily newspapers risks being out-of-touch with a vibrant, multicultural community that deserves better, writes Lakemba resident Richard Parkin.
This week, watch coverage of the UEFA Champions League, Spanish Super Cup and FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.
Dateline heads to the epicentre of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, as medics and locals struggle to deal with the magnitude of the epidemic.
How does a Nigerian-born punk with a childhood in the Middle East and a father in MI6 grow up to be in charge of Australia’s childcare policies?
As a broke student, Rob Hunter signed himself up for medical trials. While it hasn't transformed him into a radioactive superhero, he thinks it's not a bad life.
The World Game
Fifteen-year-old Martin Odegaard has been called up to the senior Norway squad for a game against United Arab Emirates.
Australia's 2014 World Cup revelation Mathew Leckie has been ordered by his FC Ingolstadt 04 coach to be more patient in his battle with injury.
The A-League will be broadcast on Friday nights LIVE on SBS ONE and simulcast on SBS HD when the 10 year anniversary season kicks off from October 10.
Arsene Wenger was baffled by an 'unbelievable' red card for Aaron Ramsey in his side's goalless draw against Besiktas in Istanbul.
Italian giant Inter Milan visits Stjarnan in Iceland while Socceroos duo Mathew Ryan, of Club Brugge, and Trent Sainsbury, of PEC Zwolle, face tough UEFA Europa...
Drama based on the cult movie

An original series inspired by 'From Dusk Till Dawn' from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The infamous Gecko brothers are the run to Mexico, but the law isn’t the only thing in pursuit.

Comment & Analysis
The idea that entertainment has an effect on our politics might seem ludicrous to some.
Shampoo, that old standby in the shower - and a market reportedly worth $27.7 billion worldwide - may be on its way out.
'If you want this job, help me find applicants as good as you.'
People who know and trust their neighbors are less likely to have heart attacks. New research builds on the understated health benefits of a sense of belonging...
The evidence is there to be found, and once all of it is available, it will provide a compelling case against whoever fired upon and brought down flight MH17.
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This month – our EPL Season Preview special; one-on-one with Mile Jedinak; Fulham’s Aussie champions, and more. If it’s in The World Game, it’s in FourFourTwo.
The inside story on the challenges the Lebanese Australian community has faced and how it has overcome them.