Tony Windsor says the NSW Nationals have set a "new low" with a TV commercial depicting him as a spurned "ex" asking for another shot at a relationship with New England.
A Singapore Airlines plane has burst into flames on the ground after an emergency landing, with passengers still on board.
Yes, there's still a long way to go until Paris but sometimes you just have to make the early call and either suffer the ignominy of being wrong or crow when you're...
After a third tournament final loss in three years, Lionel Messi has sensationally intimated that his time as an Argentina national team player has come to an end.
A Lionel Messi penalty miss helped Chile claim back-to-back Copa America titles after the defending champions won a 4-2 penalty shootout against Argentina.
This documentary explores the life of Stalin’s daughter, who lived a life in the shadow of one of the most powerful - and notorious - men in Europe.
Short of a lottery win or fulfilling that requirement in your great uncle's last will and testament to spend one night in a haunted house you're probably never going...
SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
John Safran investigates the micro parties contesting the 2016 Australian Federal Election, revealing bizarre alliances that unpend perceptions of Australian...
Racial abuse and hate crimes have reportedly been on the rise in Britain following Friday's Brexit referendum where the country voted to leave the European Union.
Amid devastation over EU science funding, there is another group potentially copping the Brexit fallout - robots.
Don't assume that being on a high protein diet excuses your many carnivore sins. The experts warn that high protein diets advocating the over-consumption of...
There are simple measures you can take to protect your privacy from prying hackers.
The Puerto Rican father was reportedly ashamed that his son was gay.
Children are dropping out of sport at alarming rates in their teens. One factor is parents and some girls share their experiences
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Nick, editor of the SBS Guide, tells us why Raised By Wolves, from award-winning UK journalist Caitlin Moran, will make you embrace the darkly humorous side of family...
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Brexit Through the Gift Shop?
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