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Go on, cook outside your comfort zone. We'll hold your hand. Choose recipes from more than 100 cuisines, from Afghani to Zimbabwean.

French food

Want to eat and cook like the French? We've got all the bistro classics and provincial favourites to help Frenchify your kitchen.

Korean food

Warning: kimchi is highly addictive. It's the gateway condiment to K-town fun. Do like David Chang and add it to anything (quesadillas!) for your take on Korean...

Russian food

There's more to Russian cooking than just borscht and blinis. Take a look at our recipes. And remember - everything tastes better with vodka.

Japanese food

Japanese cuisine ticks all the boxes, from ultimate comfort food (katsu don anyone?) to refined flavours to wacky yet wonderful (we're looking at you mochi).

Jewish food

As a people who've been uprooted time and again, the Jewish diaspora has meant that there are a multitude of regional food styles. Jewish cuisine is as diverse as...
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