Jobs and Disability

Tuesday, 19 Aug 14

“I can't get a job stacking shelves, I can't get a job behind a bar, I can't see over the bar!” – Prue Hawkins

  • I love the multiculturalism we have and share in Australia. If you choose to leave this very lucky country, to fight a battle that we, as a nation a...
  • I think there are so many separate issues and most are confused and mixed up by 99% of Australians, Christians and Muslims alike.
  • If young Australian muslims want to go and fight overseas, as a democracy why is this shunned upon while its okay for Israeli youths to join the Israe...
  • Heidi, what's wrong being called 'That new asian girl'? I am asian and I don't have a problem with people calling me 'that asian dude'.
  • No one should change or cover their faces because of what other people say.
  • if any woman or man wishes to change their appearance by means of plastic surgery, so what ? why make such a big deal out of it ?
  • A very touching and productive show, I could not stop watching. You all spoke so well and with such empathy my heart ached, I am sure what you have sa...
  • Thanks for the courage all the men showed in this episode. As a man who has been to the brink, I know what it is to face my own demons.
  • Exploring the 'reason of living' is the first key in the helping process.
  • Actually, I just realised the 10k concept was designed for sport... what about academic learning?
  • Hard work trumps talent if talent does not work hard.
  • Great programme wonderful insights into the mind of champions!

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