The United Nations Security Council has criticised countries like Australia - for imposing "acts of discrimination" against people from Ebola-affected countries.
The father of teenager, Michael Brown has appealed for calm ahead of a US grand jury decision against the officer.
Quality TV and radio by the ABC and SBS will be affected because of the Abbott government's funding cuts, a Sydney rally has been told.
Magnate Gina Rinehart has taken aim at government over-regulation of mining during a business luncheon in Darwin.
British Labour and Conservative MPs will be considering whether to defect to the UK Independence Party over the coming days following its latest electoral victory...

Gunmen execute 28 on Kenya bus

Al-Shabab militants have killed at least 28 people in an attack on a bus in northern Kenya, officials say.
Two Perth men are hoping to be selected to take part in a proposed one-way trip to Mars in 2024.

First Contact

All the latest from the SBS series First Contact.

After almost three weeks immersed into Aboriginal Australia, the group is about to face their most confronting experience yet. By journey’s end, the group is left to...
When Bo-dene Stieler returned from her journey on SBS's First Contact, her life was turned upside down. But, as she writes in her own words, her experiences on...
After a journey of conflict and discovery, Trent, Alice, Jasmine, Marcus and Bo-dene will be reunited and joined by Indigenous people they met and a studio...
Within the first few minutes of SBS's First Contact, 41-year-old Sandy sent Twitter into a flurry with her remarks.
The communities with the highest proportions of Aboriginal people are inland, far away from Australia's heavily-populated cities and major towns.

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A killer snowstorm that has killed 13 people in western New York state could be followed by severe flooding next week, authorities say.
The forgotten birth language of adoptees can apparently leave its traces in the brain, many years after the adoption has taken place.
Monty Python's irreverent Life of Brian anthem Always Look on the Bright Side of Life has topped a new poll to find Britain's favourite funeral song.
Long-derided saturated fats - associated with an array of health problems such as heart disease - caught a break Friday when research revealed their intake could...
It started with a tweet, but the spat between Jacqui Lambie and Clive Palmer was close to breaking point this week.
A Colombian father was arrested Friday on suspicion of forcing his 11-year-old daughter to swallow 104 cocaine-filled capsules and trying to use her as a drugs mule.
A golden retriever has shot to worldwide fame after a hilariously bad attempt at an agility contest.


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Assange welcome to stay: Ecuador

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can stay in the Ecuador embassy in London for "as long as necessary," the country's government says.
Labor will look at legalising same sex adoption if it wins the November 29 state election, opposition leader Daniel Andrews says.
The internal row in the Palmer United Party is set to divert attention from some big legislation debates in federal parliament this week.

Mike Baird rides high in NSW poll

NSW Premier Mike Baird's popularity has increased according to a new poll, despite 10 coalition MPs being caught up in the corruption watchdog hearings.
Two Perth men are hoping to be selected to take part in a proposed one-way trip to Mars in 2024.
It started with a tweet, but the spat between Jacqui Lambie and Clive Palmer was close to breaking point this week.
Police have arrested nine people at a schoolies event in South Australia, while one person was taken to hospital after allegedly taking ecstasy.
You could win $5,000 worth of groceries!

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Students protested in London overnight, rallying against higher education fee hikes.
A massive snowstorm stranded motorists, canceled flights and left at least eight people dead in the northeastern United States, officials said Wednesday.

India's Modi tours Canberra

India and Australia have committed to a free-trade agreement by the end of 2015, a pledge unveiled during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Parliament House on Tuesday.
The 39th Annual Westchester Cat Show is produced by the Westchester Feline Club in White Plains, New York on November 15, 2014.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has received a ceremonial welcome at Parliament House in Canberra.
Enthusiastic supporters of the Indian Prime Minister have taken a 12 hour train journey from Melbourne to Sydney to hear him speak.
Thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexuals (LGBT) march through the streets of Buenos Aires for the annual Gay Pride parade.
G20 leaders have met some of Australia's furry critters ahead of talks in Brisbane.
US President Obama was greeted with rapturous applause at the University of Queensland. He has used a speech at the G20 summit to underline the common challenges facing the US and countries in the Asia Pacific region.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has hosted the G20 leaders at a retreat and barbecue lunch before the summit kicks off on Saturday afternoon.