Hostage victim Katrina Dawson was killed by ricocheting fragments of a police bullet or bullets after officers stormed the Sydney Lindt cafe siege following the...
The Islamic State group has issued a new threat to kill a Jordanian pilot, setting a deadline for sunset.
Health and Sports Minister Sussan Ley has likened the Government's political woes to a marathon tennis match, as virtually all the Prime Minister's staunchest...
Bill Shorten says Annastacia Palaszczuk's failure to name the GST rate is not as embarrassing as Tony Abbott's absence from the election campaign.
An escaped kangaroo in snowy Austria is defying capture, and hopping his way toward dispelling the popular T-shirt slogan 'No kangaroos in Austria'.
Hezbollah will pay the "full price" for a deadly rocket attack from Lebanon, Israel has warned as the UN attempts to defuse the situation.
A Perth mother, father and son have been murdered with an axe in South Africa, according to media reports.

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The Northern Territory has the nation's highest rate of overcrowding in Indigenous houses in public housing.
Australian golfing great Kel Nagle is being lauded as one of the sport's gentlemen after he died in a Sydney hospital on Thursday morning.
When Norway’s largest newspaper Aftenposten sent three young fashion bloggers to Phnom Penh to work for a month at a clothing factory, they came back transformed.

Iceland's Last Hamburger, Live!

Live, From Iceland - It's A Hamburger! But not just any hamburger. They call it "The last McDonald's hamburger in Iceland". And 6 years on it still looks edible.
A cat in Florida has had surgery after apparently clawing its way out of his grave following a collision with a car.
Australian researchers say a particular strain of probiotics could provide an effective treatment for peanut allergies.
Australians are generally a forgiving lot so it could be some solace for those offended by the decision to award Prince Philip a Knighthood that Mr. Abbott...

In pictures: Auschwitz 70 years on

Seventy years ago, Russian forces liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp, where Jewish people endured the horrors of the Holocaust.
From citizenship ceremonies, barbeques to a swim in Sydney Harbour, here's how people are celebrating Australia Day 2015.
These dinoflagellates—which are commonly called “sea sparkles”—are neither fully plants nor fully animals.
Fans of the British comedy group Monty Python are seen during unusual march on the occasion of the 2015 International Silly Walk Day in Brno, Czech Republic.
Hollywood's A-list are hitting the red carpet ahead of today's Golden Globe Awards in California. We'll bring you all the best and worst red-carpet fashion.
Huge crowds including dozens of world leaders have held a march against terrorism in Paris after 17 people were killed during three days of attacks.
At least 57 people including women and children were killed when their bus crashed into an oil tanker, igniting a fierce blaze in southern Pakistan, officials say.
The Invitational Darts Challenge at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium erupted into chaos as the crowd - mostly in fancy dress - start throwing chairs and behaving violently. Photos: Getty
A far north Queensland community grieves the tragic loss of eight children.
Scientific equipment has been lowered through the Antarctic sea ice onto the sea floor near Australia’s Casey station as part of a world-first experiment on ocean acidification.