Canberra's Aboriginal community is asking how a young Aboriginal inmate at the local jail was allegedly bashed so badly he ended up in a coma within hours of...
Tony Abbott has hit back at criticism from Indonesia that Australia's not pulling it's weight on the southeast Asia asylum seeker boat crisis.
Competition heats up ahead of Sunday's performance by Australia's first ever Eurovision contestant, Guy Sebastian.
What started as four friends in a pub one year ago has grown to a nationwide action involving more than 10,000 people galvanised by social media.

Woman jailed over MH370 bank theft

A Malaysian couple has been jailed for stealing from the bank accounts of some of the passengers on flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8 last year.
Islamic State fighters tightened their grip on the historic Syrian city of Palmyra on Thursday and overran Iraqi government defences east of Ramadi, the...
Almost four years after his last sentence for abusing children, the Christian Brothers have still not moved to kick Robert Best out of the order.

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Protesters have placed their mark on footpaths around Australia to vent their anger over funding cuts to the nation's peak arts body, the Australia Council.
Protesters and police have had pushing matches outside Auckland's SkyCity Convention Centre ahead of the NZ prime minister's post-budget speech.
Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey says state governments running surpluses need to play their part in funding much-needed infrastructure projects.
An open letter from nine Australian scientists is calling on banks not to fund coal projects in Queensland's Galilee Basin.
Peter Dutton says Australia should be looking at the UK's model of stripping the citizenship of dual nationals who fight for terror groups.
Ireland votes on Friday on whether to allow gay marriage in a referendum that could make the once deeply Catholic country the first in the world to adopt the...

No IS Facebook hack: ACT Police

ACT police have confirmed claims a Canberra teenager was approached on Facebook by an IS recruiter are false.

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Coding could be on the national school curriculum if Labor gets its way. It might sound futuristic, but everyday Australian children are already making computer games.
Sales of India pale ales are out of control, even by craft beer’s already astounding growth standards.
Paleo, raw, no-sugar, gluten-free? Take your pick from any number of restrictive diets. But some experts say this obsession with healthy eating is anything but...
No amount of yoga will save us from the effects of overwork, writes Zoë Krupka.
We all know what it's like when someone is talking too close to you and you can feel their breath on your cheek. It's unnerving, uncomfortable and it’s all down...
Only a modest referendum proposal will have the prospect of being carried, of being workable and of being sufficiently certain in its future application, writes...
The three year exclusion period on bankrupt Australians around overseas travel and finance should be reduced to one year, which would help the process of starting...
See more of the animals and people Amos met while filming Cora's Pet Project in this gallery of behind the scenes photos.
A collection of world-class paintings produced by Aboriginal children of the Stolen Generation, once considered lost, were returned home two years ago. But many of the stories of the artists remained in the dark – until now.
Christine Milne was a Tasmanian school teacher before she entered politics and became the leader of Australia's third largest political party.
The agony and ecstasy of bringing a child into the world is often shrouded in mystery. But increasingly, it's finding its way into the public realm through birth photography - polarising opinions, even capturing headlines around censorship.
While reporting from Nepal, Dateline's Meggie Palmer tweeted photos of the devastation and recovery efforts.
Several Baltimore police officers were injured on Monday in violent clashes with young people after the funeral of a black man who died in police custody, and local law enforcement warned of a threat by gangs.
Follow Catherine Scott's journey through Vietnam in this series of behind the scenes photos from her trip.
The Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way humans think of the universe since the telescope's launch 25 years ago.
The official number of dead from the Himalayan earthquake has topped 4000 and may continue to rise as remote areas near the epicentre are searched.
Dawn services have been held across Australia and New Zealand to mark 100 years since the Anzac landings at Gallipoli.