Former diplomat Greg Moriarty is set to be named the nation's first counter-terrorism co-ordinator by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner whose longtime struggle with mental illness inspired the movie 'A Beautiful Mind', was killed in a car crash along...
Måns Zelmerlöw has taken the coveted trophy for Sweden at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.
Couples who marry for immigration purposes but claim single welfare benefits are to be targeted in a new federal welfare crackdown.
Iraqi forces recaptured territory from advancing IS militants near the recently-fallen city of Ramadi on Sunday, while in Syria the government said the Islamists...
An inquest into the deaths in the Lindt Cafe siege more than five months ago begins on Monday.
A police forensics team has been sent to northern Malaysia where a mass grave has reportedly been found, believed to contain around 100 Rohingya migrants.

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One of Melbourne Zoo's female gorillas has died after an unexpected attack from a young Silverback male gorilla.
A landslide in Nepal has created a dam and a lake two kilometres long on the Kaligandaki River, which is threatening to burst and cause flash floods.
Voting has started in Poland's presidential run-off with challenger Andrzej Duda and incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski neck and neck in opinion polls.
The Arab coalition has stepped up raids on Yemeni positions held by Huthis and allies since a humanitarian ceasefire ended late on Tuesday.
As winter approaches, one of Australia's leading immunisation experts has called on the Federal Government to re-consider its decision not to list a costly...
They may all be involved in similar protests, but what has driven each of these usually law-abiding church-goers to risk arrest?
21-years-ago being gay in Ireland was a crime but now the predominately Catholic country has become the first to vote for same-sex marriage.

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Even the weather agrees with Ireland after one of the largest turnouts in a referendum on same-sex marriage resulted in a resounding 'Yes'. Rainbows have appeared in...
There's a sense that people who want to be child-free are somehow draft-dodging the duty of parenthood – we’ve done it and suffered, so why haven’t you?
Protesters have placed their mark on footpaths around Australia to vent their anger over funding cuts to the nation's peak arts body, the Australia Council.
Coding could be on the national school curriculum if Labor gets its way. It might sound futuristic, but everyday Australian children are already making computer...
What started as four friends in a pub one year ago has grown to a nationwide action involving more than 10,000 people galvanised by social media.
US President Barack Obama —the self-confident, self-contained, coolly rational president—has his own anxieties about the Iran nuclear talks. He talks with The...
Paleo, raw, no-sugar, gluten-free? Take your pick from any number of restrictive diets. But some experts say this obsession with healthy eating is anything but...
See more of the animals and people Amos met while filming Cora's Pet Project in this gallery of behind the scenes photos.
A collection of world-class paintings produced by Aboriginal children of the Stolen Generation, once considered lost, were returned home two years ago. But many of the stories of the artists remained in the dark – until now.
Christine Milne was a Tasmanian school teacher before she entered politics and became the leader of Australia's third largest political party.
The agony and ecstasy of bringing a child into the world is often shrouded in mystery. But increasingly, it's finding its way into the public realm through birth photography - polarising opinions, even capturing headlines around censorship.
While reporting from Nepal, Dateline's Meggie Palmer tweeted photos of the devastation and recovery efforts.
Several Baltimore police officers were injured on Monday in violent clashes with young people after the funeral of a black man who died in police custody, and local law enforcement warned of a threat by gangs.
Follow Catherine Scott's journey through Vietnam in this series of behind the scenes photos from her trip.
The Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way humans think of the universe since the telescope's launch 25 years ago.
The official number of dead from the Himalayan earthquake has topped 4000 and may continue to rise as remote areas near the epicentre are searched.
Dawn services have been held across Australia and New Zealand to mark 100 years since the Anzac landings at Gallipoli.