An Australia Day billboard featuring two women in hijabs has been taken down after sparking a backlash on social media.
Turkish police have captured the suspected jihadist who slaughtered 39 people on New Year's night at an Istanbul nightclub, detaining him in a raid on a...
The prime minister's advisor on cyber security, Alastair MacGibbon, has been asked to report on last year's massive Yahoo data breach.
Pauline Hanson said that One Nation would lead the way, attacking the current Labor government for a lack of ambition.
An Australian woman and her sons reportedly missing from a popular Japanese ski resort after heavy snowfall have been found well.
A shooting erupted during an electronic music festival at a Mexican beach resort early Monday, leaving five people dead, including one in a stampede as revelers...
A Melbourne personal trainer needed emergency surgery after a vicious kangaroo attacked her while she was running.

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European Union nations bracing for the looming Donald Trump presidency showed defiance Monday in the face of the president-elect's stinging comments on everything from...
US astronaut Eugene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, died Monday at age 82, NASA and his family announced.
A London court has heard a blind and disabled woman give evidence that she had to fight off Rolf Harris to stop him groping her at a hospital.

Turnbull weighs up Ley replacement

As the prime minister spends a second day in Queensland, Bill Shorten will be promoting his jobs and industry focus in Sydney.
The Trump team says the president-elect is showing he's committed to a "free and independent" press by considering moving them out of the White House.
Cardiovascular disease is Australia's number one killer, and Chinese Australians have been identified as particularly vulnerable to the condition.
The wife of the gunman who killed 49 people in an attack at an Orlando gay night club last year has been arrested.

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Highlights from SBS' coverage of migration-related issues.

The Maritime Union of Australia is calling for a royal commission into the 457 skilled migrant visa program for temporary overseas workers.
For those interested in a life in Australia, there's more than one way to migrate here, but not all of them are permanent.
A new proposal to throw open Australia’s doors to permanent Pacific Islander migrants would be worth more than 40 times the value of current aid commitments and...
The family of Bhajan Kaur have made a heartfelt appeal to stop her deportation, as her mother and brother explain to SBS Punjabi the possible consequences of such...
Here's what you need to know about Australia's 457 temporary skilled worker program.
A Bangladeshi doctor and her two children are facing deportation after her daughter's developmental delay lead to the rejection of their application to stay in...
The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia says a call from the Productivity Commission to reevaluate visas for the parents of immigrants is ...

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The review describes the event as a return of The Twilight Zone and one of the most 'ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history.'
The chief executive of the NSW RSL has described a decision to spend $93,000 defending a senior executive accused of vilifying a gay veteran as disappointing.
Two Australian billionaires are wealthier than the bottom fifth of the population, a global report by Oxfam into wealth inequality shows.
The new first family is a tight-knit celebrity clan, wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of most Americans and well used to the public eye.
A study conducted by the Climate Council has found most people in rural and regional Australia feel they are already suffering the consequences of climate change.
Every day is the same. He wakes at 6:45am, eats breakfast 20 minutes later and reports for work at eight o'clock sharp. But this isn't your typical Japanese...
Every time the phone rang, Joel Seeto hoped it would be the call that saved his life. This is what it's like to be on the Australian organ transplant list.

In focus: Australia's First People


How to make a healing garden

Your garden can deliver a lot more than just outdoor decoration. SBS Life spoke to Charles Solomon, Indigenous plant consultant and founder of Garawana Creative, to find out how we can bring some Abor...
The shocking truth about non-Indigenous Australia is that many people mistakenly assume that Indigenous Australians coast through life, receiving privileges and benefits. Bronwyn Carlson busts this my...
With more and more people relishing in the flora that has nourished Indigenous Australians for more than 50,000 years, John Newtown asks who "owns" our native plants.
A Sydney-based yoga organisation is fusing Indian and Indigenous yoga traditions, incorporating the spirit of Aboriginal Australia into the ancient practice.
More than 30 per cent of Australia has been returned to Indigenous control, but none of that land is in urban areas.
Chief White House photographer Pete Souza has released his final series of images, offering a glimpse inside the Obama administration in its final year.
The year 2016 gave political cartoonists more material than you could poke a pencil at. Eighty of the best cartoons went on display in the Behind the Lines exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra.
Donald Trump supporters were jubilant while Hillary Clinton supporters were shocked and silent - it is the tale of two camps as the US starts to come to terms with Trump's shock victory.
More than 50,000 Iraqi soldiers, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sunni Arab tribesmen and Shia militiamen are engaged in a bloody battle to re-take control of Mosul from IS.

Finetta's life at home

A 6.2-magnitude hit central Italy on Wednesday, leaving more than 150 dead and reducing towns across the region to rubble.
Louisiana has faced epic flooding, with at least seven people killed and thousands evacuated to emergency shelters after waterways in the southern part of the state overflowed their banks.

Who's Who in the Hip Op Crew?

Meet Mi$$y Ro Yo, Kara Bang Bang, Big Deal and the rest of the world's oldest hip-hop crew.

On Location in Sicily

Aela Callan and the Dateline crew captured not only the story of the anti-mafia fight in Sicily, but also the sights and sounds of this Mediterranean island.
Dozens of protesters both for and against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have faced off at the opening of the Republican National Convention in the state of Ohio.