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Latest in Malayalam radio

Latest in Malayalam Radio

Should parents be concerned about early puberty in girls? This is a real concern that is raised in the minds of all parents who have daughters. Unlike previous...

Rajeev Ravi about Kammattipadam

SBS Malayalam Radio talks to Rajeev Ravi, director of latest release Kammattipadam. He opens up about the film and some of the recent controversies.

Interview: Veena George

Veena George is perhaps one of the most talked about candidates in the Kerala assembly election. After the victory, she talks to SBS Malayalam Radio
Most of us are active on social media these days, and social media trolling is a trend among Malayalees. But when you are in Australia, many of these posts can be...
Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp played a major role in the election campaign in Kerala this time. What influence it had on the voters? Listen to a report.
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Settlement in Australia

A settlement guide to the migrants.


In the series providing ideas for self employment in Australia, Tomichan Kurishinkal from Sydney talks about Uber taxis here.
In the eighth part of the series on self-employment in Australia, Jose John based in Adelaide explains about breeding and selling birds.
In the seventh part of SBS Malayalam Radio's series on 'how to be self employed in Australia', Jino Mathew from Melbourne talks about his small-scale IT...
In the sixth part of the series on how to find self-employment in Australia, we are looking on the opportunity of making and selling jewelleries in...
In the fifth part of the series on how to find self-employment in Australia, listen to Afsal Khadar from Melbourne who runs a business named Ausag...
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