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Latest in Nepali radio

Latest in Nepali Radio

Karna Rajbanshi from Nepalese Indigenous Voice in Sydney, Nabin Panth from Radio Adelaide and Bharat Raj Poudel from Nepali Times Australia and speaking...
If you are currently employed in Australia, your employer should be paying a proportion of every wage you receive into a superannuation fund.  So what is the...

Time to get creative in Melbourne

A new initiative is being launched in Melbourne for the city's Nepali community to be involved in where they can showcase their talents through arts, music, story...
Nepali folk singer Prem Raja Mahat has released 58 albums since he started singing more than three decades ago. But Paan ko Paat still remains one of the audience...
What is the use of this freedom that was earned after so much struggle asks Chatyang Master.
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