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Latest in Nepali radio

Latest in Nepali Radio

Melbourne Psychiatrist Dr Anupam Pokharel explains how Intellectual disability can be identified and what support services are available for children with...
Want to contribute for major global research projects? You can and it's very easy says astrophysicist Dr Rajan Chhetri. Here he is speaking to us about "Citizen...

2015 - "Hottest year on record".

This year could be the hottest year on record but next year could be even hotter says World Meteorological Organization.
What roles do vegetarians and non-vegetarians play towards climate change? Environmental Planning expert Dr Amit Bhattarai has this to say.

"Our message to Nepal government"

Brabim Kumar leads the Association of Youth Organizations in Nepal (AYON) that organized a mass rally in Kathmandu to pressure the government and the opposition...
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