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SBS Punjabi Special Food Safety Investigation

Are imported foods at risk of making Australians sick? SBS Punjabi Radio investigates.

An investigation by SBS Punjabi radio has revealed that South Asian grocery stores in Australia are selling dangerous drugs which are prohibited.
An SBS investigation has revealed some imported rice available in Australia’s mainstream supermarkets and South Asian shops contain pesticides and fungicides at...
Australians consume diverse food items, mostly imported from overseas. But, are we sure these foods are safe? How is Australia controlling their quality?
Worrying and in some cases illegal levels of heavy metals, carcinogenic insecticide and arsenic has been found in multiple foods being imported into Australia as...
The drug Betel Nut, a substance banned from sale in Australia, was found to be readily available at South Asian grocery stores in Melbourne.
If you've ever bought a brand name product in Australia that looks familiar yet is labelled in a different language, or 'For sale in…' another country, you could...

Regulatory failings identified in Australia’s food imports

Why are dangerous products getting past Australia's import and food safety regulators? SBS Punjabi Radio investigates.

Latest in Punjabi radio

Latest in Punjabi Radio

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The Australian vice-captain said sledging makes Virat Kohli even better. Earlier Michael Hussey had advised the Australians not to sledge Kohli.
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Poetry written in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English is featured in an exhibition in Craigieburn, Victoria, with the motive of taking the family violence prevention...
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Poetry corners is an exhibition that includes poetry in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English....
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Patrick Mattu has been jailed for two and a half years and he faces deportation to India after completing his jail term.
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The actress was on her way to work from her home when the gang intercepted her car at night.

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