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Maheswaran Prabaharan is talking to Mr Ratheesan Yoganathan, one of Lebera's founders who visited Sydney along with co founder Leon to Opera House to launch Lebera's...
Predictably mixed reactions have greeted news of Trans Pacific Partnership. After years of negotiations, trade ministers from 12 countries, including Australia,...

Future Fears: Super Bug

Before the advent of antibiotics 70 years ago, an infected paper cut could mean a death sentence.Drugs revolutionized medicine; life-threatening infections could...

Focus: Sri Lanka

Mathivaanan, our correspondent in Sri Lanka, compiled a report focusing on major events/news in North & East / Sri Lanka.   

Fiji became independent

The British granted Fiji independence in 1970 but Fiji became a republic independent of the British Commonwealth on 6 Oct, 1987.  
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