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What's happening on plates locally and around the world.

We need more than a bunch of numbers, says Helen Razer.
Trashless Takeaway lists places where the take-home eats can be plastic-free.
How? With a Crêpes for Change van. Meet Dan Poole, who's making a difference one bite at a time.
'Palm' is a four-letter word these days, but palm sugar isn't produced in the same way as palm oil. And that makes a whole world of difference.
This is just one of the life skills that Melbourne's The Living Room teaches in their free classes, with the aim of putting good food in the hands of the homeless.

Eat well

Separate the food from the fad with the latest health news.

What makes us feel drunk - and why do we keep drinking if it can make us feel so terrible? #ScienceWeek
"Animal-based low carbohydrate diets should be discouraged.”
People who consume a diet high in vegetables and fish may have a reduced risk of multiple sclerosis (MS), a new study has found.
If you're saying no to alcohol, it turns out you've got more options than just sipping iced water, soft drinks and juice. Here's our drinker's guide to non...
The next protein-packed food source to hit the health market isn't plant-based. It has six legs and is an edible insect. Here's to your next smoothie or cake made...

Play with your food

What the internet is saying about food. *facepalm*

These traditional Belgian candies are causing quite the sugar war.
Is this breakfast or dessert - and does it even matter?
As millions cheer their team on in the World Cup quarter finals, these are the #1 beers that fans from each country will most likely have in their hands.
Avocado wants you to discover its sweeter side.
Yes, that is a life-sized chocolate Amazon warrior, complete with chocolate headdress, bow and arrows and plaited satchel. And he is coming to Melbourne!