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What's happening on plates locally and around the world.

World Cup Russia 2018 does, of course, involve some football, but its greater purpose is to offer a taste of its crispy fried dumplings, lovingly known as piroshky.
Made with 220-year-old yeast derived from a beer bottle discovered on a shipwreck. Sip a piece of Australian history.
"Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food." Eat it all without fear or prejudice.
The Aussie wine regions delivering great value, and other insider tips.
The no-holds-barred celebrity chef, who opened our eyes wide to the world through his zero-BS lens, has passed away.

Eat well

Separate the food from the fad with the latest health news.

It's been used in the Himalayas for years for its flavour and medicinal profile, but home cooks in the West are only just catching onto it now.
Melbourne naturopath, Inna Mitelman, who emigrated from Belarus, shares how traditional natural remedies, like her grandma's herbal teachings, is used in...
Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Dietitians recommend that we should eat a very specific type of carb to manage our weight and prevent chronic disease:...
A new study reveals the fat-carb combo in hot chips is literally hijacking our brain.
There's a really good reason you can only drink one coffee a day before you get jittery and another person can skull an espresso after dinner and still fall...

Play with your food

What the internet is saying about food. *facepalm*

Twitter feed Italians Mad at Food proves that the love Italians have for their food is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.
Before you grab a packet of chips and go, best check the label carefully.
A new beer made from recycled sewage water isn't just there for shock-value. It's created from noble pursuits as well.
It turns out wearing prawn crackers, shiitake mushrooms and jackfruit can be surprisingly glamorous.
Yes, you can DIY this world-conquering pork-in-a-can. Here's how.