• Tom Cullen plays Knights Templar leader Landry in 'Knightfall'. Coming to SBS in 2018. (SBS)Source: SBS
You’ve probably seen the ‘Knightfall’ star before, but where?
Gavin Scott

11 Jan 2018 - 9:05 AM  UPDATED 26 Jan 2018 - 10:51 AM

You might not recognise the name Tom Cullen yet, but you will. And chances are, you’ve already admired his work in a range of films and TV series over the past several years. The Welsh actor is set to become much more than a familiar face in upcoming historical (and then some) action series Knightfall.

Until Knightfall debuts on SBS in February, here are the things he’s already known for...


Starring in an acclaimed gay indie film

Released in 2011, Weekend won rave reviews for its intimate and realistic portrayal of a romance between lifeguard Russell (played by Cullen) and art student Glen (Chris New) that plays out from their Friday night meeting to Glen’s departure for the US on Sunday afternoon.


Romancing Lady Mary in Downton Abbey

Cullen’s character, Lord Gillingham, was one of Mary’s (Michelle Dockery) post-Matthew (Dan Stevens) suitors and the man with whom she spent a scandalous week of pre-marital sex in a Liverpool hotel. Gillingham didn’t end up getting the girl, who wound up with another period drama favourite, dreamy Matthew Goode.


Appearing on the arm of Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany

Consider them SBS’s supercouple – Cullen and girlfriend Maslany have been dating since 2011, when they met on the set of miniseries World Without End. As well as frequenting red carpets together, the live-in lovers have also appeared alongside each on-screen. Cullen guested in an episode of Orphan Black’s final season and the pair played a couple in 2016 Canadian film The Other Half.


Playing Guy Fawkes alongside fellow heartthrob Kit Harington

Unless you’ve very recently spent time in the UK, you won’t yet have seen Culllen’s portrayal of the Gunpowder Plot conspirator in Gunpowder. In a boon for fans of rugged British actors, the three-part miniseries also stars (and was executive produced by) Game of Thrones’s Harington, who plays one of the other plotters, Robert Catesby.


Knightfall premieres Thursday 1 February at 8.30pm on SBS and continues Thursdays at 9.30pm. SBS On Demand will have a sneak preview of episode one available from 25 January. Then, all episodes will be available after broadcast anytime, anywhere, for free via SBS On Demand.

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