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104 year old Fauja Singh runs the Mumbai Marathon

Source: Flickr

The UK based running wonder is the oldest marathon runner in the world.

He is the oldest Marathon runner in the world. Meet 104-year-old Fauja Singh who on Sunday participated in the Mumbai Marathon.

“I am very much delighted and happy to participate in the marathon. I want to congratulate the company which is organising this marathon. I am very happy to be a part of it,” Singh told the reporters here.

Known as ‘Turbaned Tornado’, Singh took up the sport when he was in his eighties after moving to London.

Singh, a living legend, who continues to inspire people of all age group, is the world’s oldest marathon runner.

He has done, what a lot of people who know him, say is impossible. But for Fauja Singh, age seems to be just a number. At 93, Fauja Singh, the London-based father of four and grandfather of 13 was signed up by sports major Adidas for its ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ advertising campaign.

A farmer from Punjab, Singh began long distance running at 81.

He shot to fame when, at 89, he completed a gruelling 26.2 mile  marathon in six hours and 54 minutes. This knocked 58 minutes off the previous world best in his age bracket.

Singh has an exceptional story of achieving the unachievable and a perfect example of living healthy and happy. He first participated in London Marathon in 2012, where he ran 20 kms.

Since then he has never looked back.