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Diamond studded masks hit the market amid COVID-19 pandemic in India

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Believe it or not, a jeweller in India has introduced corona masks studded with real diamonds. The demand for these masks is going viral.

A jeweller in the Western state of Gujarat has designed masks studded with real diamonds to keep coronavirus at bay.


  • A jeweller from Surat in Gujarat is making masks made of gold and studded with diamonds.
  • The masks are studded with real diamonds or American diamonds.
  • The demand for diamond-studded masks is rising, claims jeweller

Dipak Choksi, a jeweller from the diamond city of Surat designed these unique masks.

“A customer had purchased various things needed for a wedding and told us he had very few guests attending the event and all will have to wear a mask.

"He wanted masks for the bride and groom that would make them stand out from the guests. So we designed a mask for the bride, matching her Lehenga (outfit) and a mask matching the groom’s sherwani (long jacket) studded with diamonds,” Mr Choksi told SBS Hindi.

Impressed with the design, the families of the bride and groom purchased more diamond-studded masks.

Diamond studded designer mask

“We then thought of adding these masks in our jewellery section and now we have produced a whole range with American diamonds set in real white. They cost about INR 150,000 to INR 200,000 (approximately $2500-$3000 AUD).

"The ones made with white gold and real diamonds cost up to INR 400,000 (approximately $8000 AUD). The material inside the mask is N95 which protects a person from the virus,” Mr Choksi said.

The masks are recyclable, he claimed.

"Once the pandemic ends, customers can have the diamonds reset into any type of jewellery they wish.

"With protective masks having almost become a part of one’s daily attire, the demand for masks matching with saris and dress materials is increasing. It is going viral and people are now requesting slightly lower budget diamond masks, so our designers are making that variety as well," Mr Choksi said. 

Prime Minister Modi's statuette made from real silver

The outlet has also designed a statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in silver.

"The inner framework is wooden and it has been clad with real silver."

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