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IELTS fraud uncovered in Australia

IELTS fraud uncovered in Australia Source: Getty Images

Many people will try anything to have permanent resident PR in Australia, even illegally purchasing a fake IELTS certificate.

Many people will try anything to have permanent resident PR in Australia, even illegally purchasing a fake IELTS certificate.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is used to assess the English language proficiency of people who want to study or migrant to a country where English is used as the language of communication.

It is easy to buy an IELTS certificate these days as long as you have money.

How does the IELTS test result plays an important role in migration visa application along with ages, skill assessment and other conditions?

Ms. Ha Nguyen, manager of a migration agent and study abroad consulting office named “Australia Connect Group”, told SBS that it is advantageous for a visa applicant to get a high IELTS.

“To achieve the minimum of 65 points in the visa points test system, the applicant needs to have a good IELTS test result, a suitable age and the skill assessment certificate. An IELTS result of 7.0 is worth 10 points and an IELTS result of 8.0 can get the applicant 20 points.”

 “We can see that the advantage is massive. If the applicant can achieve IELTS result of 8.0, they can have nearly one-third of the required points. The difference between achieving 7.0 and 8.0 can be the key to success”.

Anyone experienced in training and sitting for IELTS test knows that 7.0 is the desired score and that it is really hard to get.

“This is a real challenge even for some people who complete their master or bachelor in Australia. Not many people can do it,” Ms. Ha claimed.

However, nowadays if you has just $5000, you can buy the desired IELTS scores.

Ms L is currently working for a migrant agent that has offices in Australia and Vietnam. This agency offers fake IELTS for people who want to go Australia under the skilled migrant program.

Ms L (name is changed) claimed that the starting price is $12,000 for score of 6.5 and $2,000 extra for each point on top of that. We changed Ms L voice to protect her identity.

“We charge customers from $5000-$12,000. Our partner confirmed that with this price, clients’ IELTS scores and their profile will appear on IELTS global system. For an IELTS result of over 6.5, the fee is going to be higher than $12,000”.

“Vietnamese people could pay anything to become Australia permanent residents. They aim for skilled migration first and then spouse or partner visa. However, the spouse visa application process is getting more and more complex and easy to be rejected so that they try to fit themselves as skilled migrant for PR purpose”, Ms L shared with us.

She also informed us that her company is only “a middle man” between applicant and the fake IELTS maker who ensures that the applicant will have a real result in the IELTS result system and that is available to check online as the genuine one.

However, this illegal act does not always success. There are many cases where money is spent without results. By the time the client realizes, they cannot find the seller. 

"Some of our partners cannot be trusted, they just promise. We do not have any contracts and signature. They can break the deal, rip off the customers. We experienced that in the past".

This employee named L. emphasized there is a high demand of purchasing IELTS certificates in the Vietnamese community.

"There’s a very high demand! Clients do not want to study English. They just want to have an IELTS certificate as soon as possible".

Ms. Ha confirmed that some students and PR applicants came to her office with high IELTS results that did not match their real English skill level.

“Some clients were talking to me and I realised that their English was not that good. I asked some of them and they said that they took the tests in Vietnam and it was easier back there. For example, the IELTS result report showed 7.0 overall but I could guess that their real score cannot be more than 6.0”.

Nearly 2 years ago, thousands of Indian students and labours arriving in Australia with fake documents that were uncovered.

The Department of Immigration’s report and ABC's investigation showed unimaginable violation has been helping thousands of students and skilled workers to get to Australia under the 457 visa by using fake documents. (*)

A spokesman of the Department said that the Ministry have known about this case and recognised that there are scammers who try to bypass the laws and principles of the immigration department.

This is a warning for those who want to find an illegal way to stay in Australia at any cost.

"First, you have to spend a large amount of money, without any guarantee of successful. Secondly, if the Department of Immigration discovers the scam, you will be banned to apply for any visa for 3 years, and you will be deported from Australia”, Ms. Ha Nguyen said.

"With a bad record in the Department of Immigration’s system, I do not think it is likely you can apply again for another visa after 3 year. This is a fraud, dishonesty and unacceptable quackery”.

We are extremely surprised about the reason that students give us for using this service. Her voice is changed.

“Don’t waste time on study. Instead of spending money on education, save money and time by buying a fake certificate. The fake IELTS result report is made so carefully and delicately that even a normal IELTS teacher could not tell the difference.” A student told SBS.

A person who used the service said that all communication is via email and the test result form was posted to the user’s address. There was no meeting in person or talking directly via phone call.

There are many websites which are offering this kind of service. They post some test result report photos with eye catching advertisements. One of them is This website claims that they are located in the United Kingdom and ensures that they will keep their clients’ identities a secret.

The website advertises 2 types of package, basic and comprehensive package. The comprehensive package offers real result on the official IELTS system and it is available to check online all over the world.

 “If you cannot afford the comprehensive package, you can go for basic one. We always recommend that you should choose the comprehensive one if you will use it for important application. Otherwise, basic package is enough for normal use”