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Sydney girl group H3rizon's uplifting harmony with their newest single 'One More Christmas'

With over 2.1 million followers on Tiktok, H3rizon is on track to making a name worldwide as they released their first-ever Christmas song 'One More Christmas'. Source: Supplied by Venture Artists

Phenomenal girl group from Sydney, H3rizon, had released their first-ever Christmas song 'One More Christmas' - a festive soulful single that tells about longing for that special someone during the holidays.

Consisting of vocalists Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Tiara Nyuzo and Gabrielle Montalbo (Gabby), H3rizon started to gain fame through social media, with over 2.1 million followers and 36.1 million likes both on Tiktok and thousands of following on Instagram and Youtube.

"This is our first festive song and we understand that there's a lot of people and families who are separated right now due to the pandemic. We just hope that this song gives a little bit of hope for them," relates Bernie.


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From experiencing self-doubt to pursuing their dream: Sydney-girl group H3rizon inspires younger artists through their music
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  • Sydney-based H3rizon releases their first-ever festive song 'One More Christmas'.
  • The trio hopes their song lifts the spirit of those who are separated right now due to the pandemic.
  • Bernie, Gabby and Tiara share their most memorable Christmas reunions and Filipino food.

Musical inspirations

The group took inspiration from their idols Mariah Carey and Donny Hathaway and created a brand new Christmas classic with soulful, nostalgic yet modern tune.

"We hope to lift people's spirits, even though sometimes there are moments we don't get to spend that time with our loved ones," a hopeful Gabby shares.

The girls reveal that they hope they gave justice to the message of the song written by their songwriter Raquelle Gracie.

"The incredible inspiration behind this song is our songwriter Raquelle whose father passed away a few years back. She wrote this song thinking of all the things that reminded her of him at Christmas, and we know there are a lot of people who can relate to her situation."


'One More Christmas' is aimed at uplifting the spirits of listeners who are separated from their loved ones and long to be with them on Christmas.
Supplied by Venture Artists

Memorable Christmases

"With all that is happening in the world today, we really crave to spend another Christmas with our loved ones and we feel like a lot of people can resonate with that," furthers Bernie.

The three also share their most memorable family reunions and Christmas celebrations, including some of their favourite Filipino food such as lechon [roasted pig] and halo-halo [a Filipino dessert of crushed ice and assorted toppings].

H3rizon's music is a fusion of all the different genres that they are into - from pop, RnB to soulful and classical music.

"We love playing with harmonies because we each have a lot of experience with being in choirs so we really want to put that in our music as well," shares Tiara.

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