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COVID-19 Update: Australia tightens borders as WHO calls for calm over Omicron variant

Minister for Health Greg Hunt says situation on international border restrictions can change as more health advice is received. Source: AAP

This is your update on the Coronavirus in Australia for 28 November 2021.

  • Australia has tightened its border restrictions in response to the Omicron variant following the advice from health authorities.
  • 54 travellers arrived from the nine countries of concern and have been taken in 14-day quarantine.
  • Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says that PM Morrison has been briefed by the health officials and as of now, the current measures are satisfactory.
  • Urgent testing for Omicron variant underway for two returning international travellers in Sydney.
  • All returning travellers from the Southern African countries to NSW, Victoria and the ACT will have to compulsorily quarantine for 14 days, irrespective of their vaccination status.
  • South Australia has mandated 14 days of quarantine for all international travellers returning from locations of high risk.
  • World Health Organisation has called for calm amid the threat of the Omicron variant.
  • UK, Italy, and Germany have found their first cases of Omicron variant of coronavirus.


Victoria recorded 1,061 locally acquired cases and four deaths.
NSW recorded 185 new community cases. 
ACT recorded seven new cases.

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