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How to increase your chances of getting a job

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Job hunting is a challenging feat for new migrants in Australia. Here are 10 tips from a job recruitment expert on how to boost your chances of getting one.

Getting a job or switching to a different career can be easy for some and can also be hard for others. Both require self- motivation and a change of mindset says Theresa Chua of DFP recruitment.

“You can change careers or get a job if you have assessed yourself of how you think you'll do it and when. It all comes to what skill sets you feel you can bring into your next career path. A change may require you to create goals such as looking for internal roles and opportunities, starting a new course to get qualified or simply completing some volunteer work in the industry you want to get into.”

But does it really matter to an employer that a job seeker possesses the necessary work experience or skill sets for a role?

Ms Chua thinks some employers will respond differently. In her experience as a recruitment consultant, their primary job is to obtain the client’s request and scope out the role and most of the time, employers require the necessary skill sets and experience. However, there have been instances when employers have the capacity to take on a candidate with minimum experience, but have the right culture fit and attitude. Employers may also be willing to train candidates if they are interested in them.

10 tips to boost your chances of getting a job

Ms Chua shares 10 practical tips to help job seekers increase their chances of getting the job they want:

1. If the new field requires you to get a qualification or certification, plan ahead on when you are able to 'commit' to studies.

2. If you're already working in the industry or company, seek internal opportunities, vacancies and apply.

3. Update your resume and have a cover letter ready.

4. Create or Update your Linkedin profile as sometimes HR/Recruiters out there are seeking certain skills sets and they may come across your page.

5. Network - let your family and friends known that you are 'open to opportunities' and to have a look out for particular job openings for you. Continue to look online and apply. is a good start to look.

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6. Complete some volunteer work in the industry you're interested in.

7. Remember not to burn bridges when leaving a job because you will need good referees and your potential employers will be eager to hear good feedback.

8. List down at least 10-15 companies you want to work for, continue to look directly on their website for job openings, or follow them on Linkedin and twitter to receive updates.

9. Submit an expression of interest to the company as it tells a prospective employer that you are interested in the job. This is your opportunity to submit your resume and you can then do a follow up call.

10. When you speak to the HR/Recruiter, make sure you are able to answer their questions with short and concise answers. Be precise and confident.

Ms Chua is also urging new migrants who are seeking for a job to remain patient as starting out abroad can be very challenging.

“I know Filipinos are hard workers especially when they start out abroad, and if it means that you need to start from below and work your way up, then so be it, it goes back to our mindset and focus.”

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