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Q&A: Looking for work in Australia?

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Looking for work in Australia as a migrant can be tricky. Migrant career coach Naishadh Gadani busts some myths around finding work and gives tips to find work in Australia.

A report recently revealed newly-arrived skilled migrants are not finding professional jobs in Australia.

The report, Australia’s Skilled Migration Program: Scarce Skills Not Required by Bob Birrell states many occupations like accounting and engineering on the Skilled Occupations Lists are in over supply and therefore most recently arrived skilled migrants to Australia have not found professional jobs.

The study states the Skilled Occupations List includes “numerous professions that the government’s own Department of Employment has judged to be oversupplied, including accounting and engineering.

“As a consequence, most recently arrived skilled migrants cannot find professional jobs.”

SBS Hindi received several emails and specific questions regarding finding work in Australia.

One migrant said he had been unsuccessful in finding work in spite applying for 100 jobs while another migrant was struggling to find work after being made redundant.

We put these career-related queries to migrant career coach Naishadh Gadani.

This video answers three questions:

  1. Finding work without local experience in Australia
  2. Finding work as a senior professional who has international experience
  3. Finding work after being made redundant