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Scott Morrison's weekend special: Rajasthani Lamb Rhapsody

Source: Facebook/Scott Morrison

Known for his love for Indian curry, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spent his Saturday evening cooking an Indian delicacy Lamb Rhapsody from Rajasthan.

Prime Minister Morrison took it to social media to share pictures of ‘Lamb Rhapsody from Rajasthan’, he cooked on Saturday evening, which his family loved.



  • Australian PM Scott Morrison shared pictures of Lamb Rhapsody he cooked on Saturday evening.
  • Scott Morrison loves Indian curries and spices.



It’s been another very busy day as we work to help Victoria get on top of the #COVID19 outbreak as well as working...

Posted by Scott Morrison (ScoMo) on Saturday, 1 August 2020

Mr Morrison posted on Facebook, “While we don’t always get there, whenever I’m home on a Saturday night, I try to make it a family curry night. Tonight is Lamb Rhapsody from Rajasthan.

“Our girls and Jen loved it, and so did my mum who is with us. Family gets us through most things. Very grateful for mine (and was very pleased with the Sharks win last night).”

Scott Morrison on Twitter

Lamb Rhapsody, known as Laal Maans, is a Rajasthani meat dish. The literal meaning of “Laal Maans” is Red Meat. Traditionally, this lamb dish is prepared with red chillies and curd.

Scomo loves Indian

Mr Morrison has expressed his love for Indian curries on more than one occasion. Not just eating, he loves cooking too and keeps sharing pictures from his kitchen.

In June, when he had a virtual meeting with the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, he made famous Indian snack Samosa ‘from scratch’.

“Sunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch - including the chutney! A pity my meeting with @narendramodi this week is by videolink. They’re vegetarian, I would have liked to share them with him,” Mr Morrison had posted on Twitter.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


Whenever he gets a chance, Mr Morrison goes to Indian grocery stores as he ‘can’t resist the display of wonderful Indian spices’ in his own words.

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