Skilled migrants take different approach to enter Australian job market

Migrants pitched their skills at an innovative networking event held in Melbourne on Tuesday.

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Finding work in Australia despite being a highly-skilled migrant can prove to be difficult.

Without local work experience, local network or insights into the Australian job market, finding work as a migrant has often proved to be an uphill task for many.

In a bid to lessen this gap between skilled migrants and recruiters and employers, a unique event was organised in Melbourne on Tuesday where professionals pitched their skills before recruiters.

Australia’s Got Fresh Talent saw 11 recently arrived migrants pitch their skills and their professional achievements to a group of recruiters and employers in the audience.

“It was held like a pitching event. The recruiters and employers present had the opportunity to look at the person and not just the resume. The aim of the event was to connect these migrant professionals with recruiters/employers in an innovative way as often migrants feel lost with no network and connections in a new country,” said Naishadh Gadani, career counsellor and the organiser of the event.

The night saw 11 professionals from fields of IT, Business, Engineering talk about their professional journey to an audience of over 70 people.

One of the participants was 49-year-old Sandeep Srivastava, a Project Manager in the field of Information Technology and telecom sector, who has applied for over 150 jobs since arriving in Australia in May this year.

“I have over 24 years of work experience and I have worked on Australian projects while being offshore. But now that I am in the country, it is proving to be difficult to get a job. This event gave me a lot of confidence and positive vibes. I had fruitful interactions with recruiters and I have made several connections on LinkedIn. This gave me an opportunity to build my own small network,” Mr Srivastava told SBS Hindi.

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Despite the presence of recruiters, no jobs were promised.

“The idea was not to get hired at the event but open up possibilities and learn methods to do so,” says Mr Gadani.

Sanghita Mukherjee, who works as a recruiter in Melbourne, says the participants were highly skilled and she will reach out to help them.

“I was in their shoes three years ago when I moved to Australia so I understand them. I have some positions and I will be reaching out to some of them. And it is not always about a job. I can also connect them to other people in their industry and give them tips on their applications,” she told SBS Hindi.

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Published 7 August 2019 at 5:00pm
By Mosiqi Acharya