Teaching About Global Refugee Crises

Source: SBS

Delve into global refugee crises to develop critical thinking, intercultural understanding and empathy.  Drawing on landmark SBS documentary Go Back To Where You Came From, and exploring migration within the context of contemporary multicultural Australia, this teacher resource includes:

  • In-depth notes, discussion guides and lesson ideas for four seasons of the show;  
  • Short clips extracted specifically for classroom viewing; 
  • Corresponding discussion questions; 
  • A student response guide for scaffolding answers; 
  • Coverage of locations including the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa.  

Australian Curriculum

Cross-curriculum Priorities
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
• Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Year 9: ACELT1635, ACELY739, ACELY1746, ACELT1635, ACELT1746, ACELY1746, ACELY1741, ACELTY1633, ACELY1739
Year 10: ACELA1564, ACELA1572, ACELT1639, ACELT1641, ACELT1812, ACELT1815, ACELY1749, ACELY1750, ACELY1756
Year 11 & 12: ACEEN002, ACEEN003, ACEEN004, ACEEN011, ACEEN018, ACEEN022, ACEEN025, ACEEN029, ACEEN035, ACEEN039, ACEEN041, ACEEN064, ACEEN069

Civics and Citizenship (HASS)
Year 9: ACHCS084, ACHCS083, ACHCL080, ACHCK080, ACHCK081, ACHCS084
Year 10: ACHCS102, ACHCK091, ACHCS096

Geography (HASS):
Year 10: ACHGK079, ACHGK081, ACHGK080

History (HASS):
Year 10: ACHHS188, ACDSEH023, ACHHS192, ACDSEH144, ACDSEH145, ACDSEH147

The Arts:
Year 9 & 10: ACAMAR078, ACVAAM128, ACADRM048, ACAVAM126, ACAMAM073