Will Smith and Martin Lawrence recreate their roles as Miami detectives Mikey Lowry and Marcus Bennett. Basically this chaotic story involves the biggest haul of ecstasy tablets being smuggled into Miami from Amsterdam. But let's not pretend that there is substance in the plot, the only thing that matters in this film is the action, directed with high impact and occasional tastelessness by Michael Bay. This is a full in-you-face film with interminable but spectacular car chases which are repeated ad nauseam. Bay with his slow-mo action of a bullet entering someone's forehead, with corpses falling out of a moving van into the path of oncoming traffic is not what you could describe as subtle. Characters are either under-developed and/or repetitive and consequently rather tedious. But the main problem with Bad Boys II is its length - it's nearly 2 1/2 hours long. If incoherent action is your favourite genre, head for this one.Comments By David StrattonAbsurdly overlong, over-produced, over-heated, over-done. And yet one of the best ever staged freeway chase sequences and some genuinely funny banter between the two heroes. If only it had been half an hour shorter, and a good deal less excessive.